Anybody seen Blues around?

I haven't seen Blues in a while, I hope all is well. I miss seeing him.


Les Brers
I think he's bored with the pettiness of partisan politics, as well as I heard he's recovering from hand surgery. Typing one-handed for the last week, if typing at all. Won't get stitches out till the 26th, so one-handed at least until then. Internal soreness being an issue too, I suppose it could go on beyond the 26th. Just got out of my first shower in a week. Waiting now for wife to take a break and braid my hair so I can take first ride since before surgery. Traded the old Road King for finishing the storm cleanup. Got more than my money's worth. I think the tree guy feels the same way. Barter is the ultimate hedge against inflation, regulation and confiscation.

Well, one-handed ramblin' ain't bitchen. Thanks for the concern. I'll be fine shortly, but still may not be seen around here much. I've been known to impose self-bans for much longer than this before. May or may not be headed towards that trend again. We'll see. Have fun and enjoy life whether I'm around or not. I know I will.

It's good to see you're alive anyway, Tex also. I have a habit of disappearing time to time so I know what you mean.

My kidney stones passed so I'm getting the custom ready to sell, I never ride it anyway since I got spoiled by the beast. Ain't nothing like a 111 under the balls ;-)


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I think he's bored with the pettiness of partisan politics,
From what I have seen since returning after being away from these forums for a few years, I can't say I blame him. It seems that a handful of members have taken it upon themselves to run everyone else off of the forums by starting nonsense threads and posting assorted garbage detrimental to the 2A community.

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