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Sent to me today from a Friend...

Senate Bill SB-2099 will require us to put on our 2009 1040 federal tax form all guns that you have or own. It may require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun.

This bill was introduced on Feb. 24. This bill will become public knowledge 30 days after it is voted into law. This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. This means that the Finance Committee can pass this without the Senate voting on it at all. (Please note above that it is not right to sneak a bill and keep it from becoming public knowledge days after it is voted into law - Folks, this is not democracy!!! How in the world have we come this far in our democracy?

The full text of the proposed amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage, U.S. Senate You can find the bill by doing a search by the bill number, SB-2099.

You know who to call; I strongly suggest you do. Please send a copy of this e-mail to every gun owner you know to help STOP this bill!!

Here is a URL where you can read SB-2099:
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  • WHEREAS - the Internal Revenue Service has no connection whatsoever to the ownership of a firearm; and
  • WHEREAS - the Internal Revenue Service has no connection to the BATFE; and
  • WHEREAS - the Internal Revenue Service has no reason to register and control the sale and ownership of firearms;
  • THEREFORE - the IRS can put their SB-2099 bill where the sun don't shine!


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Several clues for you:

The date of hte Bill is February 24, 2000. A bill cannot remain active for 9 years.
A vote cannot be taken in private. By federal law and in the Constution all activities must be published in the Congressional Record.
A committee cannot by-pass the full Senate for a bill to become law.
A bill passing the Senate then has to go to the House to be passed.

Many laws are placed into another bill without anyone paying much attention to them and but there are no secret laws.

Title: A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require the registration of handguns, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Reed, Jack [RI] (introduced 2/24/2000) Cosponsors (2)
Latest Major Action: 2/24/2000 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance

And died in the Finance Committee.


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I already paid sales tax when I bought my guns so I don't believe I should be taxed again.O wait never mind I sold ALL of my firearms when the recession started!:pleasantry:

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I didn't bother to check out the source or the truth, but I figured that the IRS wouldn't have anything to do with the registration of guns. Even from a tax viewpoint, the ruling wouldn't fall under the IRS.

I still think that the IRS should put it where the sun don't shine!

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