Anybody else see these?


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I was dropping my wife off at a local strip mall, for some power shopping, and as I drove into the main drive my eye caught a sign with the pistol with a line through it that we see on doors of establishments that do not welcome us. Now I shop there all of the time because the doors do not contain these "unwelcome signs". I thought according to Ohio law they had to be in the entrance ways of doors in plain view. Driving in to the parking lot a person would have to stop to read all of the small print below to know the true intent.

Has anyone else run inot these at drive entrances and are they within the scope of the law?


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I seen a sign at a strip mall in Northern Ky that said firearm prohibited by I do not think they can do anything but ask you to leave private property.

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In Missouri the law states that these no gun signs have to be placed on the entry door, and be of a of legal size print. Not sure of exact size.


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Texas has specific verbage and font size requirements, and if I'm not mistaken, they can be placed in the parking lot to prevent carry onto the property. The parking lots are private property as well as the building.

I could be wrong though.


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Ohio is the same. If it is on the building you can keep it in the car locked in the glove box. But if it is posted in the parking lot you cannot have it on the property at all. How ever all they can do is ask you to leave.

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