Any vets here?

Still Serving Army Retired

Big Green Machine 76-96
Korea, Ft. Lewis, Korea, Ft. Rucker, Fulda, Ft. Rucker, Germany, Ft. Leavenworth, Alaska, Germany, Ft. Hood
Contractor since 1999
Hohenfels, Heidleberg, K'town, Mosul, Balad, Five Sided Basement, now at that rarified air breathing headquarters overlooking the Chesapeake Bay

Qualified with .45, M16, M60A1, M60A3, UH-1H, OH-58, AH-IS

Life NRA
Life Blackhorse Association
Life 17th Infantry Association
Garand Collectors Association

Usaf 1966-1970

Capt. Aircraft Maintenance Officer, 438 MAW McGuire AFB, NJ 67-68
36TAS Langley AFB, VA, RAF Mildenhall, Rhein Main AFB
Love dem C-130E's
US Army 1990-1993



I have a co-worker that rode with the Blackhorse in Vietnam, he gets his CCW this month. I'll be sure to let him in on this web site.


76-80 loading bombs on F-4s, F-111s, F-16s then five years of engineering school on the GI bill and working for the USAF as a civilian ever since.
Son in law went into rescue jessica Lench was not given a silver star because he was firing a maduce not his m4. His commanding officer told him nato thinks 50's are over kill on human targets. I believe he was 82 ab rangers balt.
Never been in but I thank every one of your for your service.

Came pretty close to being both a doggie and a Jarhead, but timing blew the first one and an incompetent Marine Major blew the second one.
US Army

'61 - '67
Enlisted, RA, Primary MOS 122.20 (Cbt Engr, Bridge Specialist).
Served in CONUS, Germany, and TDY in ROV, '63-'64
Army National Guard 2003-present. OIF 2, 2004-2005 with Utah's 116th En Co (Horizontal Construction). Transferred to Montana and the 1-163rd Cav Probably going back in 2010. MOS is 92A (logistics), going to 63A (Abrams mechanic).
USAF, 1981-2001 Crew Chief on F-4 Phantoms, Best Damn fighter EVER built ;) and most beautiful fighter ever built :D and also worked F-15 Eagles A,B,C,D,E. Retired SJAFB
I would like to take the oppourtunity to thank you all for your service. Also, to all the vets, especially the Vietnam Vets ......... WELCOME HOME !!!!

With deepest regards, mot
Let the caissons go rolling along...

The Iceman
69-72 U.S. Army 132nd ASHC (Assault Support Helicopter Company) 16th CAG(Combat Aviation Group) Americal...oops 23rd Infantry Division; the name was changed from Americal to 23rd after the incident with one Lt. Calley (sp).

I only spent 11.5 months in country, close enough to a year of my life for me, although I have many problems with my memory of what happened. They say alcohol and drugs had something to do with that. The Grace of God got me through all of that and much more.

To all you other vets. Happy Veteran's Day!!

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