Any other Idahoans??

Welcome Grampa My names Dennis and I'm in Nampa. We all need to get together and either go shooting or Fishing or both! ;-)
Craig checking in from Nampa. If you guys decide to go fishing / hunting / shooting, I'd like to tag along with you. I don't get on this site as much as I'd like to, but I do check in now and then. I'm willing to swap contact info so we can schedule an outing.
Grew up in the Teton Valley, on the ID/WY line, moved to Post Falls after I got out of the Army. Been here ever since
Welcome I Hope you enjoy the site. Lots of excellent information and experence here. If you have any questions or want to express any points of view, go right ahead as we'd enjoy heading about it. Thanks and Welcome again.
"Those who talk, Don't Do. Those who do, Don't Talk."
I recently made my personal "Exodus" from Oregon (the unfriendly state) to Meridian, ID. If I'd have a "do over" I'd move to Eagle, ID.
Welcome Sky Soldier, I got lots of friends who live in Meridian and love it there, give it some time bud. I live in the northern part of Nampa, over by the Golf Courses. Take it easy and again Welcome!
"Those who talk, Don't Do. Those who do, Don't Talk."
Oh, we're still settling into our new home in Meridian, so it may be a while before we decide to sell it, then move to Eagle. We spent a bundle just selling our home in Bend, OR and moving here.
Thanks for all the greetings from this old "Sky Soldier" (11th Air Assault Division, Ft. Benning, GA... 1963-64... and Korea service veteran).
I'm starting to get friendly with a few of the area golf courses too, playing mostly at Banbury golf course in Eagle, and Eagle Hills. I'm open to other recommended courses too. Cheers!

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