Any other Idahoans??

The Simple Life

Born in Emmett, raised all over the Treasure Valley, between Mountain Home and McCall, and Idaho City to Fruitland/Payette/Parma area. My wife and I moved to the Silver Valley area (Wallace/Kellogg) in the Spring of 1996. We have been life long Idaho Natives. We believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and we live by them. We believe in "EACH TO HIS OR HER OWN" so long as it doesn't mess with ours. We live a very simple life and wish to keep it that way. Good Luck and Give'em Hell my Friends,

To My Oponents: ..... If You Tread on Me and mine, Then I will tread all over you and yours.

Welcome! Nice to have another Idahoan! I'm from Nampa. If you get to the area pm me and we'll meet for coffee or sumthin'.

I don't know how it would work in Hayden but I contacted the local Sheriff's department and they had a free class. It was one day and a lot of information was given out. They also took care of all the paperwork involved in getting my permit.
I grew up in Boise, Boise High class of 65, traveled some in the Army, spent a few years in Colorado then moved back to Idaho. I live in Nampa but spend the winters in Arizona or Florida. All pretty gun friendly places. My wife is fairly new to shooting but is already a better shot than I am. We are both planning on getting started with IDPA this summer.
Our next Idaho Carry dinner will be on Thursday, January 24th at 7pm at the Black Bear Diner in Boise. Get there early to eat so we don’t have waiters running in and out during our presentation. The seating only allows 50 inside the room but during our presentation, there will be plenty of standing room. Basically, the early bird gets the seat. In February we’ve been invited by the owner of Mickey Ray’s BBQ to hold our dinner at their Milwaukee St. location in Boise, and their enclosed room holds 70+. At our next meeting we will be discussing new Idaho legislation. You don’t want to miss this.
Any questions, contact [email protected]
Hello from Nampa. My wife of 34 years and I moved here from Lake Tahoe about 12 years ago. I had dreamed of Fly Fishing in Idaho my whole life and after coming here to do that, I told her that I'd found my Nirvana! And I have! If your around and want to get out and shoot or fish, just get ahold of me and we'll go. Later & Peace

Dennis in Nampa
"Those who Talk, don't Do.
Those who Do, Don'tTalk!"
When it warms up, I'd be happy to go with you. I was taught how to fly fish when I first arrived here a little over two years ago, but have been too busy with Idaho Carry and work to do much else. Would love to do it again though. My wife of 41 years (Valerie) would love for me to bring some fish home to fry instead of catch and release. Do you ever keep anthing for dinner?
Yes here in Idaho they stock a Rainbow Trout that's called a Triploid. Which means that when they were hatched at the Hatchery they were Radiated to give them a 3rd. chromosome. They do not and can not reproduce and instead of that they utilize that energy to grow bigger faster. Not being able to reproduce they can be stocked anywhere and not interbreed and screw up the species unlike some Liberals. LOL So when I fish for hatchery fish I'll keep my limit, but if I catch a Cutthroat or Brown trout I abide by Catch & Release. Even if I'm allowed to keep them I release them. I'll look forward to the day we can wet a line together. See you at the meeting tomorrow night. Later & Peace,
Me too! Two summers ago I went to Tripod and put my inflatable pontoon in. Caught a Triploid with EVERY CAST! I must have released about 50 of them. Kept my limit of the bigger ones.

Next summer will again go for the Tripod Triploid! The three of us need to do the fishing thing this summer!
Sounds good to me! But then I don't think that I've ever turned down a Fishin' Trip! I also love to fish the Middle Fork of the Salmon just out of Stanley. Great area for fishing AND Motorcycle riding too.
Great Grandpappy parked his covered wagon about 150 yards north of my present home back in 1864. One of us has been hanging around ever since. A few miles north of Dragon town (Malad). When I got married, parents moved away and I stayed. Been flappin my mouth quite a bit about the goings on in here but this is the first time I actually came to the Idaho room. Happy to meet you all.
Howdy! Not a lot of activity in the state specific post. Still enough to look once in a while. Getting to be more that show up here.

I'm going to try to keep up more on Treasure Valley and Idaho events in this part of the forum. There will be a meeting at Fuddruckers on Eagle Rd. later this month. I think the 28th. I'll get info and post here next week.

Where was that Covered Wagon parked? My dad was born in Blackfoot. I in Toledo Oregon.

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