Any other Idahoans??


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Hi everyone! Any other Idahoans here? I live in Caldwell. Where are you?


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I'm not Idaho (NM), but glad to see some life at the Idaho site. I travel thru your state annually, and find it friendly, beautiful, and interesting.
Darn glad to see this page finally light up. I'm Idahoan true through. I'm currently in Graduate school in Utah, but I am still an Idahoan at heart. I orginally hail from Idaho Falls. Actually thats were I am writing this from right now. But unfortunately Utah has now become my home.


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I live out in Pingree (little west of Blackfoot). Just got registered on the site and was having a look. Have to get the rest of the carriers to sign up too.


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I'm from Lenore near Lewiston. I have lived in Idaho for most of my life. Glad to see all the fellow Idahoans.


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I'm in Hailey, Idaho, just down the road from from Sun Valley and LiveBlues! Howdy

I should check this area more often. I'm not actually in Sun Valley, I'm mid valley in the Heatherlands. Just down the road from the range. If you want to shoot some time, just let me know. I'm always up for some range time. Given how often I check here, a PM might be the better option.


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Twin Falls

Twin Falls Rifle and Pistol Club
Jerome Rod and Gun Club
NRA Instructor and Life Member


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Looking for a good range or club to join. Also need someplace where I can go sight in my long guns. It's coming up on varmint season and getting ready for a prarie dog hunt next month.

Any IDPA activity around here?


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Born and raised in Idaho (St. Anthony area), now living in Northern Utah (after a stint in Las Vegas... eek!), good to stay in touch with my home state.:biggrin:


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My parents live in Post Falls we try to visit as often as we can Liberty Lake is beautiful
Liberty Lake is nice, but it's across the border in Washington. Post Falls is on the right side of the state line though. It's where I live.

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