Any inexpensive .22 handguns for sale in CT?

I've been doing some work as a pistol safety instructor and need a .22 revolver and semi for the students. Up until now I've been able to get by with a 9mm and a .38 I have but all of my students so far have been male. I taught my first female student this week who has never shot anything before. Needless to say the 9mm and the .38 were not well suited to her learning. She did persevere though.

So to prevent turning off any future students from the shooting world and just to make it all around more welcoming and simple for everyone I've decided to bite the bullet and pick up a couple of .22's.

Anybody have or know of any going on the cheap? I don't need any target guns or matched out guns. Just a DA revolver that locks up tight and a semi that cycles.

I'd like to get the pair under $300 if at all possible.

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