Any good firearms stores along I 95 south of VA


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I will be traveling to florida soon and making ti a 2 day trip will have a little time to site see before check in time. Anyone know of any gun stores that are interesting along the way. the biggest thing we have around here is Green top, Bass pro and gander Mt. would appreciate any info:bier:

Those are three pretty good stores! Not sure you are going to do much better...

I head to Green Top every time I am in Richmond. I remember back in the mid 70's when it was about 1/5 its current size. It was the absolute best in the area back in the day. DeGoff's tried to give them a good run though!

Good luck!
green top is nice, degoff's is good if u want to buy a firearm or need minor repair. you get quicker service and better prices on the actual firearms. ammo is a bit pricey though. the best ive found is cabelas went to the one in wheeling west va
Watch Gander Mountain. The ones here in TN have VERY high prices on their firearms. This has happened within the last year. Supposedly they offer a life time warranty on their firearms. I would prefer they let me use the manufacturer warranty and not charge above the MSRP.
In Jacksonville Fl. Gun Gallery at 10268 Beach Blvd. about 4to 5 miles off 95 good store some good guys in there Phone # 904-641-1619 they have a range also.
Their is a another one in Daytona no range but a good selection not to far off of 95 called Fl Gun Exchange do not remember adress but they have a web site as does Gun Gallery.

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