Any AK owners or shooters in this forum?


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I am on my way to pick up the wasr-10 I just purchased on my way to work. It's going to be a long long day waiting to get my hands on it. I can hardly wait for the weekend now.


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wow if every american citizen had at least one ak i doubt any nation would put troops down on our soil
lolz and it would be much cheaper and more effective home security making more enemies by going to other nations to 'preserve our freedom' or bring 'democracy' .............


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I am getting one today. I'd like to know what everybody's favorite ammo is and why.

Wolf. It's cheap and least in AKs. I stay away from Silver Bear ammo. A while back they had a production run that was so bad it had to be recalled. I always have that in the back of my head when I see their ammo.


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I have two Century Arms AKs, one is the M74(5.45x39) and the other is a 7.62x39(model is escaping me, it's not a WASR). I love them both!!! I'm an AK guy anyway, love 'em.

I use Tulammo, and Silver Bear mostly... haven't had an issue with either. I've used Wolf(which is Tula) as well with the same results. I have wanted to try Golden Tiger, heard some good things about it, and bad...

I have plans for another AK(WASR 10) and an AKSU!

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