Any 1911 fans out there?


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Just wondering how many of you carry 1911's? For me there are only 2 guns that fit my hand- the 1911, and colt SAA. I currently carry a 5" GI style made by Rock Island. Looking to get into a Kimber soon though.

Dave Nowlin

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I carry a Springfield Ultra Carry and also have a Range Officer. I've tried Glocks, Sigs, XDs and others. I seem to always come back to 1911s. They just seem to work. If somehow you run out of bullets, if your 1911 has a steel frame, you still have a decent club left to fight with. If you hit a fellow with a plastic gun, he will probably hurt you very badly after he finishes laughing.


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I DON'T carry yet. Would like to carry my Para GI Expert Model 1911 Stainless, but...the burning question...Where And How do I carry this beast concealed?


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I have carried at Colt Officers Model fro 32 years. Wouldn't carry anything else. But if the SHTF I own a H&K USP .45 that is darn nice.


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Colt, Taurus, and Sig C3 are EDCs in .45. And a couple in .22 for target practice. There is soon to be a third "safe queen" Colt 1911s in .45.


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I recently bought a taurus 1911. It's not a really pricey gun, but for my first 1911 I thought it was the way to go. Can't beat the lifetime warranty at all. I really like it. My question is, why is the recoil so much more than my other full size .45acp handguns?


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I predominantly carry a 5" Kimber with Crimson Trace Laser grips. I also carry a Colt Officers Model. A friend recently purchased a Legacy Sports Intl|Citadel Concealed Carry (made by Rock Island Armory in the Phils.) I was very impressed. All steel, no plastic MSH, Series 70, flared/lowered ejection port, polished feed ramps, etc. That will be my next 1911.

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My concealed carry choice is a Colt New Agent in 9mm with Crimson Trace grips...3" barrel, 25 ozs. 8-round mags + 1.

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