Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage


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Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage
Non-profit cooperating with supplier amid stressed market
Posted: March 30, 2009
1:30 am Eastern
Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage
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An ammunition manufacturer and a non-profit group are teaming up in a unique venture to help address both the short supply of commercial ammo and the need to alert Americans about the threat of radical Islam.

America's Truth Forum announced it is making available through its website .223 Remington (5.56) rounds suitable for all sporting and military-style rifles, including the AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14.

"Like gold and silver, ammunition is coming into vogue as an affordable security investment – a multi-purpose asset that not only protects homes from violent attacks and citizens from tyrannical oppression but a tangible one that could be bartered as collateral during the most troubling economic times," says the president of America's Truth Forum, Jeff Epstein.

Purchasers of the ammunition will have an opportunity to donate to America's Truth Forum, Epstein said, and help "awaken our citizenry to the radical Islamic-Jihadist threat."

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"If we fail to take the appropriate actions now, our children will be left to carry on the battle against an even stronger and more determined foe, an evil whose flame we failed to extinguish," he said. "Our legacy should be one of bravely confronting our adversaries and of diligently defending what is rightfully ours. Our actions need to serve as motivating examples for future generations, instilling in them the proclivity to stand resolute in the face of evil."

Learn here why it's your right -- and duty -- to be armed.

As WND reported, firearm sales have spiked since the election of a perceived anti-gun president, and the stockpiling of bullets has stressed the ammunition market.

The Orlando Sentinel reported months of steady, heavy buying have left gun dealers facing shortages of ammunition.

"The survivalist in all of us comes out," John Ritz, manager of a Florida shooting range, told the Sentinel. "It's more about protecting what you have."

"People are just stockpiling," said a spokeswoman for Georgia Arms, which has seen bullet sales jump 100 percent since the election. "A gun is just like a car. If you can't get gas, you can't use it."

WND reported earlier this month that amid outrage from private gun owners, the Department of Defense scrapped a new policy that would deplete the supply of ammunition by requiring destruction of fired military cartridge brass.

The policy already had taken a bite out of the nation's ammunition supply, leaving arms dealers scrambling to find ammo for private gun owners.

The Department of Defense explained it had placed small arms cartridge cases on its list of sensitive munitions items as part of an overall effort to ensure national security is not jeopardized in the sale of any Defense property.

Montana's two Democratic senators, Jon Tester and Max Baucus, pressed the issue with Defense officials, arguing that "prohibiting the sale of fired military brass would reduce the supply of ammunition – preventing individual gun owners from fully exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms."

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