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Ok.I want to relate an incident to you all and enlist your help,since it will take ALL of us to get it fixed.:help:I recently had some friends over to 'play'.You all that know me know what that means.We were having a good loud time and everybody was happy. When they were leaving,in fact,as they were driving away,the sherriff's department showed up.Well,two cars.They told us that they had gotten complaints from people in a nearby neighborhood that they heard gunfire and they were afraid to let their kids play outside.Then they told me about the county ordinance that prohibited the discharge of firearms on lots of less that ten acres in subdivisions in unincorporated areas.I have lived here for more than four years and I never hurt anybody and I have never damaged anybody's property.Nobody ever complained until now.Now,the cops were cool to us,and they let us off with a warning.I looked up this ordinance and sure enough that's what it says.I called the district clerk to get an exact interpretation on this ordinance,if I had to actually own ten acres or if I could get permission from the owners of the land behind mine to use theirs and combine them,and they referred me to the county attorney.They referred me to the district attorney,and that is really disturbing because now we have those enforcing the law also interpreting the law.They told me pretty much that I have to own 10 acres.I looked at the ordinance again and then looked up they texas local government code it referenced.It is almost word for word what the county ordinance is.
That code reads:
§ 235.022. AUTHORITY TO REGULATE. To promote the public
safety, the commissioners court of a county by order may prohibit or
otherwise regulate the discharge of firearms on lots that are 10
acres or smaller and are located in the unincorporated area of the
county in a subdivision.
At first one might think,well,they are doing this in the interest of public safety.Well,one would be wrong.Look,I am all for promoting public safety.But I am also suspicious enough of the government,at ALL levels,to give EVERYTHING they say a second,or third look.If you pick this code apart and really analyze it,you will see that it is actually not intended to serve the public interest.It is meant to restrict the recreational use of firearms by law abiding citizens using wealth as the basis.If you read the code you might notice that it does not state what shape or position the land has to be in,simply that it has to be ten acres.You could have a plot of land that is a total of ten acres,but only four feet wide.How does that make it safe to use a firearm? If it REALLY were in the interest of public safety,it would not mention an amount of land at all,it would be something more like 'The discharge of firearms is prohibited without the use of adequate safety features' or something like that.This code means that since I am not rich enough to own ten acres(by the way,the land in my area is about $10,000 an acre) I can not enjoy the safe recreational use of my legally purchased firearms.This is our state legislature that did this.And for us in Montgomery County,it is our commissioners,too.Note,the code says that a county MAY regulate,ect. ect.It does not say that it MUST.So,for us in Monkey county,I think we should make sure we remember this when it comes time elect new county commissioners.As for the state legislature,we should bombard our state senators and representatives with complaints about this unfair and ultimately wrong code and let them also know that we will remember their actions on this matter when their seat is up for election.Alot of us are going to have to do this or they won't even pay attention.If you think this is just the ravings of one pissed off guy,well you're right,but it is also more.How long will it be before they say you have to own 20 acres to enjoy your firearms?Or 100 acres?Or they simply say you can't at all? Before they tell you you must have a certain amount of land or live in a certain area or you can't barbeque or wash your car or chip golf balls or whatever. Remember, these people will do what we let them do.Get the word to every firearm enthusiast you know in this state.Let's fix this before it gets worse.

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