Anti-Gun Lawmakers May Attempt to Amend Pro-Gun Legislation


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Do contact your reps!

Your NRA-ILA is pushing for a vote in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on House Bill 2011, an important firearms preemption bill, before the summer legislative break. If HB 2011 comes up for a House floor vote, attempts will be made to amend it with anti-gun language to expand Pennsylvania’s background check requirement to ALL firearms purchases, including rifles and shotguns. Currently, only handgun purchases fall under this state requirement.

“Universal” background checks don’t work, and will never be truly universal because criminals, by definition, violate the law and obtain firearms illegally. Such an amendment would do nothing to address violent crime and would only impact law-abiding shooters and sportsmen. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “universal” background checks will not work without implementing a gun owner registration system.

Your help is needed to ensure this anti-gun language is rejected and not adopted as part of HB 2011. It is critical that you contact your state Representative, and urge him or her to vote to pass HB 2011 as originally drafted, without the inclusion of any anti-gun amendments. Contact information for your state Representative can be found here.

NRA-ILA | Pennsylvania Anti-Gun Lawmakers May Attempt to Amend Pro-Gun Legislation

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