Another Win For Firearms Manufacturers

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Amazing that they decided to follow the law instead of making a law! I guess there's hope after all...
There Is A Good Point To Be Made Here...

The DC Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit filed against gun manufacturers saying the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 required the court to dismiss the case.

Excellent news. This also demonstrates the power Congress has over the Court - a significant part of the checks and balances.


"Charge the Court, Congress, and the several state legislatures with what to do with all the violent criminals who cannot be trusted with arms. We law abiding citizens shouldn't be burdened with having to prove we are not one of the untrustworthy just because those in government don't want to stop crime by keeping violent criminals locked up." B.E. Wood
While this is great news, the Justice Department is saying the appeals court used the wrong standards for dismissing the case.

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Of course though, the Justice Department hasn't got a leg to stand on. Checks and balances come from the three branches of gov't, not the Justice Department. They can't pick and choose because they don't like that a judge used appropriate law, even if they disagree, and they want to force the issue to go to trial--they are simply out of luck & the constitution and our laws supercede their idiocy.

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