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I posted awhile back about my manager having his car broken into outside his house and the fact the BG had access to the garage door opener. I think it was kind of a wakeup call that this BG could have easily made it into the house and my manager would have had no way to defend himself. He's on a budget but wanted to get something and mention he saw a Sig P225/P6 online for $299.00. I happen to have that pistol and offered to take him to the range. We went yesterday at lunch and he had a great time. I let him shoot the Sig, my P3AT, my Walther P22 (with suppressor), and my AR15. He said that he can see how the sport could be addicting and was already talking about how he wants to make it out at least ones a month to practice. He liked the Sig but wanted to look at a few others before he makes his purchase next week.

So this time next week we should have another first time gun owner added to our ranks.

WOW, nice price on the SIG. Oh, I'm sure He already has the "bug". That's great that You let Him try other firearms too. It's a good thing to know He has a friend that is willing to help him out. Next, show Him this forum and he'll be all over it!
Awesome! Glad to hear he's enjoying firing the weapons! I agree with sambo42x,. get him on this site so he can become familiar with the gun laws in your area and he'll be good to go!
He has not mentioned anything about getting his permit yet but I have mentioned it to him. I didn't want to rush him with a ton of info at first. I went over gun safety, got him to the range, then after he gets his gun I'm going to suggest he checks out the site. Even if he doesn't get his permit there is still a ton of good info here.

I also said I'd be willing to sit down and show him how to break his pistol down, clean it, and maintain it.
Too bad it took a crime to get him converted, but I'm all for it, nevertheless. Maybe next, he could convert someone also. If you are around when he makes his final choice, let us know about it.
good for you for helping some one out. as was said, too bad it took a crime... but neverthetless glad he is ok and decided to take the step to protect himself. I'm sure you made it fun for him too sharing your love of firearms and the shooting sport.

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