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Glad to see the site up and running. Seems to be going in the
right direction.

Need to know of gun ranges in Springfield, MO area.



As to your question:

There's the Andy Dalton range out at Bois D' Arc - not sure of the road you take, there are several ways to get there. Its a manned MDOC range. Lots of shooting lanes and also has a shotgun range (skeet or trap - both maybe ???), and a 3-D archery walk-through range. It costs $3/hr., I belive, to shoot on the regular ranges - targets are provided.

Then, there's Busiek State Park out about 10 or so miles south of Ozark on highway 65. This is an unmanned range with 100, 50, and 25-yard target butts - one butt and bench per increment of distance. Its kind of tricky to find. Its on the left side of the highway (you have to cross the median) almost at the bottom of a big hill. There's a tiny sign on the right side of the highway for the park itself, and on the left side, right up on a bluff, there's a bigger one. There's also a sign for the APAC quarry that you can see coming down the hill. To get to the range part of the park, you turn off the highway and once you're down in the creekbed area, go right at the 'Y' in the road and under the bridge - the range is just passed the quarry.

There's also an unmanned range called White Oak, or White Creek, or White 'something' out north of Springfield. Not exactly sure how to get there, as its been a year or two, but I know you head out of town on North Glenstone and I believe its about 15 miles with some turns onto lettered county roads. There's two butts, a 100 and a 25.

For in Springfield itself, there's the indoor range at Bass Pro. Handgun lanes and a single, scoped rifle sight-in range. Its downstairs where the camping section is. I've never shot there, but its another option.
Springfield ranged

I shoot at Busiek all the time. Sometimes I go into the National Forest off of Highway W in Ozark.

I believe that the range north of Springfield is in the Pleasant Hope Conservation area. I shoot there ocassionally.

There is also a private shooting area called Ozarks Shooter Sports Complex. It is located between Ozark and Branson on Hwy 65. They lost their rifle ranges to road expansion several years ago, but may still have pistol ranges. They are big on the shotgun sports.

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