Another Federal ammo issue


God Bless Our Troops!!!
I sent this e-mail to customer service. This is the second issue I have had in a month with Federal shot-shells.

I have had problems with 2 different boxes of federal shotgun shells in the last month.
The first box was from the following lot and with the following issues:
One of the shells is pretty much totally unusable. The end crimp is so bad I don't think it will even chamber. Shot was spilling out of the end of the shell.
These are 12Ga. 2 3/4 inch 1 oz. #8 shot

Federal Game-Shock


Here is the info from the box flap
H121 8

The second is from this lot number:

Two of the shells are so poorly crimped as to be unusable. The end crimp is split. Shot was spilling out of the end of the shells

These are 12Ga. 2 3/4 inch 1 1/8 oz. #7 1/2 shot.

Federal Field and Target
Multi-purpose load


Here is the info from the box flap
MP12 7.5

The first time I called and left voice mail messages but no call was ever returned. I am greatly concerned over the safety and quality of these products. I have used federal shot-shells all my life and don't really feel like changing brands now. Please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue and restore my faith in your products.

Let's see if they respond to this. If they don't...I'll call the president of the company if need be. As a quality professional in the aerospace industry, I understand a lot about how quality issues should be resolved. They will not like my next correspondence as it will contain a quality audit of their products that have failed to meet acceptable standards and be courtesy copied to the NRA and the National Better Business Bureau:duimomlaag:

Did you take any pictures? That might be helpful for documentation purposes.

I've had a few where the shot bulges the sides out, which makes the shell as a whole too wide to chamber. I'm not sure why it does it (I've never made any myself) but the plastic may be crimped too tightly.
Finally got ahold of Federal

I even got to speak with a real person. They took down all the information and my phone number. Someone is supposed to contact me later.:suspicious:
man that sucks.. the way the price of ammo is going up it makes it even worse when some of the rounds are unuseable. hope they hook you up.

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