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If it wasn't bad enough that Disney thumbs their nose at the Florida legislature regarding the "Guns to Work Law", they are now going after the little guy.

ORLANDO, Fla., July 10 (UPI) -- Disney Enterprises Inc. has filed a million-dollar copyright-infringement suit against a Florida couple who receive public assistance, court papers show.

The suit filed in a federal court in Orlando, Fla., claims David Chaveco and Marisol Perez-Chaveco used "unauthorized reproductions" of Disney characters for their party entertainment company Kook Klown Party People, Inc., the Sentinel reported Thursday.

The company rents bounce-houses and specializes in custom-baked cakes and face painting, the Sentinel reported.

The entertainment also includes dressed up characters, using costumes the couple purchased on eBay.

One of the costumes is a blue donkey. Another is an orange tiger. Disney claims the two costumes are reproductions of Disney-owned characters Eeyore and Tigger.

The couple said they have done what Disney has asked, except for giving them the costumes to destroy. Instead, the couple sent the costumes back to the seller for a refund, because, "we needed the money," Perez-Chaveco said.

Disney officials declined comment, the Sentinel reported.

On the local news last night, the couple stated that they started the company to try and get off of public assistance. They complied with all of Disney's requests except sending the costumes to Disney for destruction. Instead, they returned them to the company in Peru that they purchased them from in order to get the refund of $500, which they could not afford to lose.

Disney chose to continue with the suit since they did not comply with all of their requirements.

Doesn't Disney have better things to do than to worry about something as silly as this? Obviously, I don't know everything, but if Disney is not being harmed by these two men using clowns similar to theirs, why bother them?
They bother because they have a huge legal team that gets very bored trying to come up with things to sue people over. Maybe they could help that one old cook that wants to sue GOD..........????

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