Another BG lost the right to breath

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Wrong house at the wrong time. Too bad all BG's can't be so unlucky!:smile:

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HOUSTON -- An off-duty Houston police officer shot and killed one of three people trying to break into his southwest Houston home Wednesday afternoon, officials told KPRC Local 2.

Investigators said officer Terry Hendrickson was asleep in his home at about 1:30 p.m. in the 4600 block of North Ripple Ridge when he heard a knock on the door and glass breaking.

He grabbed his gun and ended up facing three burglary suspects, police said. "The burglar had something in his hand that is described by the officer as shiny. The officer then fired for the safety of himself and his family, striking the burglar an undetermined number of times," said Capt. Bruce Williams with the Houston Police Department.

The wounded suspect was taken to a local hospital, where he died. Two other suspects were apprehended in a nearby neighborhood. One of them was the sister of the deceased.

Neighbors said the burglary suspects were either bold or clueless because the officer often parks his squad car outside.

"Of all the houses, they picked the cop's house. It's crazy. It's really crazy. I'm still shaking right now," neighbor Shannan Monroe said.

"He was off today. That's what I was told by my neighbor and (they) didn't know he was at home. So, they broke in -- big mistake, stupid mistake," Monroe said.

Neighbors said Hendrickson lives with his wife and children in the house.

They just hope it does not happen again.

"I hope that deters the rest of them from coming out here. We don't need that over here," neighbor Robert Bird said.

Police said that they believe it was a random crime and the officer did not know the burglary suspects.

Hendrickson is a 14-year veteran who works the dayshift at southwest patrol.

Good thing those BG's chose that house and not a neighbor! Hope the neighbors won't just hope it won't happen again but will prepare for if/when it will happen again.
If U think about it like a BG, squad car outside ='s cop may live there, so knock on door... it opens, smile & ask 4 directions, thank cop, then di-di, no probs. But knock & no-one answers may mean cop left some neato stuff from guns 2 cuffs 2 radios that BG's would love to 'liberate'.
"Cops always have the best dope!" was a saying used in CA circa 1972, and sometimes not all of it got turned-in after the BG went into a cell in the dayzzz B 4 they made urinaysis a tool of Internal Affairs.

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hopefully the other 2 will take that as a wake up call... if not.. then they deserve what the other got.
I am a little curious; the article says the office saw something "shiny" in the BGs hand. Does anyone know what was in his hand for sure? Was it a weapon? Just curious.

This guy got what he deserved. Let this be a lesson to home thieves.
Another BG bites the dust. The article made mention of a "shiny object" in the BGs hand but made no mention of whether it was a gun or not; certainly by the time the article was published that had been determined, hadn't it?

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