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i just purchased a smith and wesson 360 (j-frame .357), i'm interested in getting a ankle holster for this gun for summer time. i never wear shorts, but have been known to go without a shirt, leaving a hip holster useless. i've never owned a ankle holster before, so i know nothing about them. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i will also be getting a crossbreed supertuck for it as i love the one i have for my 1911.

Ankle Holster

I have worn a ankle holster since 2002. I have A Kahr MK-40 that I wear in the ankle holster. The holster is from Galco. But I purchased the holster off the Kahr web site. After I have it on for a while you do not feel it anymore. Very comfortable. You want to make sure it has an inside pile lining. I like a open top ankle holster. But the gun must be form fitting. As long as the ankle holster is form fitting the gun stays securely in the holster. I wear the holster from the time I get up until I go to bed. :smile:
I used to carry a Walther PPK in a Bianchi ankle rig quite a bit. You do get used to it. But anything you carry in an ankle rig wants frequent attention and cleaning. It is exposed to a lot of dirt.
I have a Fobus ankle for mine, Its lite and you dont need any straps, gun clicks in and stays secure. I also have one for my short .45, Although it is a little heavy feeling. My airweight snub is alot more comfortable, in the ankle. They are not very expensive, so it may be a good entry level.

I have the ankle holster for a 642 "Airweight" and, as was stated earlier, you will not even know you have it on. There is a wool lining that I thought would be hot during the summer but is not the case at all. You just have to remember to clean your weapon on a regular basis. The dust build up can be considerable....:fie:
By far the most comfortable is the Cozy Partner from Renegade Holster & Leather in Phoenix, AZ. They don't have a website, but here a link to a Link Removed. Renegade's tel. is 602-482-6777.

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