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You know,there is only one reason I wouldn't vote for this guy.It would take votes away from McCain.Now,wait a minute,hear me out.I don't think he can win because a. it's too late in the game and b.the two main parties are too powerful and popular and one of them always wins.So a vote taken away from McCain is a vote that hitlery or osama doesn't have to counter.Honestly,I don't like either of the three.To tell the truth,I would love to see politican parties abolished.But that won't happen and it will be either a democrap or a repubican in the white house.And I would prefer a repubican.


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I agree with Brainchild. I think the Divided States of America could just make it through 4 years with McCain but would have NO chance with the other 2. If one of those are elected, start stocking up on ammo. :Smilie Funny::


Liberty or Death
I allready started stocking up. I don't think a McCain administration would be much different than a Bush administration.
We need someone in the white house that values the constitution. At least Bob Barr, or Ron Paul will defend the bill of rights, not try to destroy them.

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