Ammunition Accountability!


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Can you say reintorduction...

This bill has been shot down multiple times in the past, lets hope and push for a rerun...and the only counting I do is when I pull the trigger!!!

Just re read the bill for AZ it is a carbon copy of the same bull shit the dumb ass transplants introduced last time.... and it did not even make it through comittie....


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Thank you for your post. Writing your state Reps and Senators early and let them know your thoughts. Even States where legislation has not been proposed it is good to let the people know your stance anyway.


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yes writing and writing often to our reps to let them know where we stand is a good thing. don't let crap like this even get semi close to passing!the last I checked this was still america.. but with crap like this it won't be for long.


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Missouri SB 1200

If you look at the Bill it is from August 28, 2008
It died last year and is not on the calendar as a new bill for this year.


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I used their Contact Us e-mail link to send whoever's responsible for this a rather nasty e-mail. Not so nasty I wouldn't feel it proper to quote it here, but nasty enough.

Just remember, smart guns are for stupid people, we defeated it. Propellant taggants perform poorly, we defeated it. Microstamping is for hardened metals that won't get deformed, not for lead that'll get mutilated. We'll defeat this once and for all eventually too.

Their goal is really not to make it easier to trace crime guns, or in this case, crime slugs, but rather to attack us where we're vulnerable, our ammunition supply. This bill is to strangle the ammunition supply in any state that adopts it. Doubtlessly, they would exempt military and law enforcement from the requirement of having to buy the unobtainable ammunition no one's manufacturing. But I never mentioned that exemption idea to them.

Keep realoading!

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