Ammunition Accountability Act


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I heard about this on another forum..this sounds awfully crazy. Does anyone know more details about this bill??

Bill S 1259 was in Legislative session 117. We are now in Session 118, and it is no longer listed. It died in sub-committee. Senator Elliot was one of the Senators that introduced our tax free weekend for handgun purchases. Read this: ttp://
Just sounds like one more thing for somebody to make money on. (seems that that is all most legislation is for nowadays anyway)
Most obvious anti gun silly useless bill ever submitted that would solely benefit some folks who could not sell their idea to the ammo folks so their solution was to convince lawmakers to make the use of it a law.... a way to get around free enterprise I guess.. nobody will buy your product... get the government to make a law that everybody has to buy it.
I think several other States are faced with this one too. .. curious as to who/what is pushing this one so hard.
You know I just had a crazy thought and I know it is silly. What if we pushed for this bill but only for law enforcement and millitary... I think that is a good direction to start taking... pushing for gun control and ammo control of our government. Don't get me wrong here, it is just to make a point that every time one of these foolish law makers wants to pass some stupid gun law they always exclude government from the new rules.

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