Ammo Tax Increase? Dispel the myths please.


VA State CCW Holder!
I've heard that the excise tax on ammunition will increase from the current 11% to 55% of the sale price. (A 500% increase.)


1.) Is this true? All I can find is hearsay. I can not find any definitive stuff online.
2.) When does it go into effect?
3.) Would I even notice it as compared to the already inflated prices on ammo now, as people are buying it all up.


VA State CCW Holder!
Here's the only legitimate website I can find with anything to say:

Link Removed

NRA Claim: "Increase Federal Taxes on Guns and Ammunition by 500 Percent"

Uncertain: This claim is based on an article that appeared in the Chicago Defender on Dec. 13, 1999, when Obama was in the Illinois state Senate. According to the Defender, at an anti-gun rally, Obama "outlined his anti-gun plan," which, among other things, sought to "increase the federal taxes by 500 percent on the sale of firearm, ammunition [sic] -- weapons he says are most commonly used in firearm deaths." As a U.S. senator, however, Obama has not pushed for any such tax on ammunition.

We asked the Obama campaign about his position on an ammunition tax but have received no response.

Anything else I can find is forums like this one, where anyone can join and post whatever drivel they want to, or websites started by grumpy old men...

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