Ammo stock slowly recovering!

Winchester 9mm per 50 $____ qty: 0
CCI/Blazer 9mm per 50 $____qty:0
............. per 50 $_____ qty:0

I've seen long lists like the aforementioned of ammunition from my distributor. Qty: 0

Now, i'm seeing some numbers: 200+ in stock of almost every caliber. Months ago if there was any stock it was around 10 boxes and it went almost instantly.

I'm not a "big box" dealer obviously and I can get ammo! I'd say that the ammo crisis is nearing its end. Thought i'd share this good news with you guys.

Certain calibers have become more readily available such as: .40 S&W, .38 SPL, 9MM Luger, 22 LR, However most of the other hangun calibers are still extremely scarce.
Went to the "local" wally world tonight to pick up some practice rounds for Sunday,(ya'll just dont know how it pains me to buy factory ammo),and was pleasantly surprised to find 10 boxes of 9MM,and it looked like they had plenty of 40 short and weaks,and an ample suppy of 45 ACP to boot. 357 was plentiful as well. I hope the ammo scare is about over. Maybe those of us that roll our own will start seeing plentiful primers soon too. And Good Lord willing the hypocrat party will soon be out of the majority and things will get back to a more even keel.
I'm making the 80+ mile trip (each way) shopping trip this Saturday. I'll be checking Wally World and Sportsmans Warehouse. I'll report back then.
Here in Myrtle Beach the 4 Super Walmarts have very limited ammo plus a 6 box limit. I make a Walmart "run" to track down 9mm which they sometimes have, Federal @$8.97. They almost always have .40 and now .223. I haven't seen .45ACP in a L O N G time. Thankfully I reload .40 and .45 but even primers are tough to find.
The Wal-mart situation is improving a little. It's becoming common to see .223 and some occasional 9 or 40. It seems that 22lr is the hardest to come by at the moment, at least that's the case here in Nevada.
went to the local wally world on Saturday and got 500 rounds of 9mm.. price wasnt too bad either... but that was all they had
There was 20 boxes of 9mm Winchester at Wal Mart the other day when I went. However it was higher than the Federal I bought there about two months ago. A little over 11 dollars a box compared to a little over 9 dollars a box.
I don't know, I was in BassPro last week end. Those shelves were pretty empty. One of the in-laws bought the only box of 45's. No 9's, .380's, 40's. There were a couple boxes of Hornady FTX.44's
Prices certainly crept up over the past year. I try to get my occasional box of .380 and 9mm at Wal-Mart for the better price, though the one on the way home from my work never has any. I have seen notices at Walmart limiting ammo to 6 boxes per customer. A local dealer got some Serbian ammo in last summer and bragged about it being "battle tested!:laugh:" I haven't been to the range in a few months, so I'm not running out. But last spring was Kel ammo for target practice!
We went to wally's the other day and were looking for 22lrs. Their shelves were almost empty and when we asked that guy supervising the counter, he snoot on us and turned his back after telling us that he doesn't know when and if they are still going to have some stocks. What a royal jerk!:angry:
the only thing I really see on a regular basis anymore is .40 and .223. still have to get lucky to find .22, 9mm, .45, .38, .44. even been seeing less .30-06 than normal.. hopefully soon will start seeing more.
Here in Central Florida we are still in a 1970's gas mode when it comes t our ammo. The guy at the counter at Wally World told me he has 4 - 6 people that are at his counter the days he gets his shipment waiting to see what he gets.
went out the other day wally world had no pistol ammo at all just shotgun and riffle . Drove 1/2 hour oppisite way i needed to go to gun shop and bought last 2 boxes of 44 only 25 to a box and 2 boxes of 45 auto 50 to a box and spent 96 dollars . The guy at counter said 44 's are rare right now used to have a whole shelf for them now it sits empty most days . Hope it ends soon :crazy_pilot:
I went into a larger Firearm stoare north of here this morning while wiphe and daughter were shopping.
I picked up a 15 round mag for the Beretta and a box of Cor-Bon +P 115 JHP for the mag. This store seemed to have an adequate supply of everything.
By the way, the box of +P's 115s were $28.
Made my normal tri-weekly visit to Wally World today and for the first time this year found WWB 45 ACP 100 round boxes. Left with the maximum of 6 boxes which topped off the shooting stock nicely. 40 S&W is almost always present but everything else is still spotty. Have not seen .380 in over a year...
The guy at counter said 44 's are rare right now used to have a whole shelf for them now it sits empty most days .
Wow, our local Wally has had what I believe to be the same box of 44 mag sitting on the shelf for the last 8 months or so. There were some times that it was the ONLY box of handgun ammo in the display case. Guess it's not very popular in my neck of the woods.

In the last month or so I have been pretty impressed with the rack. 9mm, .40, .45, .38, .357, .44 (mag, but not special) .25, .22, are all usually available. Even .380 and .32 have been making appearances now and then. If there is something missing on one occasion, it is usually there the next time I go.

Something else I noticed is the 9mm WWB and UMC both jumped a couple bucks. However the Federal is still $8.97. Not sure why that makes any sense. AND there was even a box of Federal sitting there waiting to be bought. (I have plenty already)
Wal-Mart in Leeds/Moody, AL had 100rnd. boxes of Winchester white box 9mm, .40 S&W & .45 ACP. Bass Pro Shops up the road had several 50rnd. boxes of UMC 10mm Auto for $26.99. Expenisve I know, but it was selling for $34.95 a box a couple months ago. Still can't find .380 ACP.

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