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I just purchased ammo online since the new laws in CT. Has anyone else? They didn't ask for any type permit other than a drivers lic to prove I was 21. I mainly buy in VT or NH when I'm up that way, No questions, no hassles!

I have been refused by numerous ammo. sites stating that it is restricted to send me ammo. Whats's up? Can you or can you not legally purchase ammo on line in CT (Comunisticut)?
I have a response below and another question not to get off topic here, but I am driving from NC to CT for Thanksgiving and want to bring my Dad .22 rounds and a standard (no mods) 12ga. shotgun, I will drive through: TN, WV, VA, PA, NY ending in CT. I am going to try and bring about 2,000 rounds with me. My wife and daughter will be in the car with me so I am trying to avoid going to jail the week of Thanksgiving, not that any other time is a good time.
I used to live in Hopewell Junction, NY near the Danbury border and would buy quantity ammo wholesale from a guy in town who sells ALOT online. Look him up, maybe you can go get more there or at least call and ask about the laws, they were very helpful people. 845-227-4100 or google "Hopewell Junction, NY ammo"

This is the ammo disclaimer from their website for CT residents:

CONNECTICUT CUSTOMERS: A legible copy of state issued identification and one of the following is required to purchase ammunition:

A valid CT permit to carry a pistol or revolver

A valid CT long gun eligibility certificate

A valid CT ammunition certificate

Thanks, H.
The shotgun actually belongs to him and predates record keeping in CT. The CT State Police firearms dept. told me that if it pre-dates record keeping there is no process if I wanted to keep it in NC and I should follow the NC laws, which are to do nothing, but I want to bring it back to him. This is stupid. I would sell it here and send him the cash, except it has been his favorite duck gun for forty years. Thanks for your help.

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