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Who would you say has the best "deals" on ammo pricing in the area?

Ok, I'll start it..........................
for my 9's I've been going to WallyWorld Mart. For the WWB of 100 they were $15.64, now with the increase they are now $18.+. I went last week and for the first time since I've gone, WallyW was out of them! I was told their warehouse was out. For my .45's I was going to Chester Arms in Chester. He had the WOLF 50/$9.99! Then, once again with the incease it went up to 50/$15.00
Rileys in Hookset had the Blazer .45 50/$13.00 I think it was last month. I'm going to start looking into loading my own, 9's and .45's.
Anyone else?
I've seen the Cheaper Than Dirt ammo pricing. I've heard from others saying that the bulk is dirty and others saying they are not. I know one thing......the pricing is not that bad, but they (like all the others) get you on the shipping and handling. FOR ME, it is cheaper to go to WallyWorld Mart. I'll still pick up a box or two from any of the local gun shops to keep these guys going. They too have families to feed.
You would think that shipping would kill you. But really it's cheap as hell. After you said that i went in and filled a shopping cart with 5 box's of 40 S&W Remington 180 Grain JHP, 25 Rounds per Box Golden Saber said to be the best on the market. The ammo it's self came to like 94.85 and the shipping was only 14.97. Walmart is good but they don't really carry the nasty stuff that will really stop some one. like the black talon (they call them the STX now and they are no longer black). Last time i looked at my super center a box of winchester .40 JHPs was about 28 dollars and come cents for a box of 100 rounds. For just one box of ammo it's shipping is 13.09.
If WM has it, the price is almost unbeatable anywhere. On the rare occasions someone has a caliber I shoot cheaper than them, I try to buy ahead a bit.

A few times a year I head down to AZ, and Prescott is on my way; I stop at J&G, whose prices are usually not lowest, but since I'm passing through anyway--no shipping makes it cheaper. Last week I spent over $600 on ammo there. That should last me several months (6 or more I hope) and was enough cheaper than Vegas prices to pay for gas & meals on the trip, even at today's prices...
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Oh yeah no doubt Walmart is cheap. They can also order you ammo as i said before if you want some thing they don't have. It's a great place to buy ammo. The local gun store around me is 2x more in ammo prices.
Sambo42xa what do you shoot/ carry? I have not yet got my hand gun but i am having a custom holster made as well as mag pouches. So it has to be a M&P it's being made for a 40 but the 9 and 40 are the same size. I looked at ammo prices today at walmart and 9mm is way better in price 23 for 100 rounds as 40 is 32 for 100. 16 for 50 rounds of 40, 10 and some cents for 50 in 9mm. I read all time that 9mm does not have the knock down power of 40 and 45 and so on. What do you think? Also walmart has 15 grain JHP in 9mm and then 147 grain in 9mm JHP what one would be better for carry/ home use?
If you go the right side of the screen (in my name) where it shows "gallery"1. Click on the number 1 and it will open to a photo of my toyz. I think if you then click on the photo it will give you the discription of them. I can tell you I carry on me my North American Arms .22LR Revolver 5 shot because right now with the hot days I can carry this on me very easily if I'm only wearing shorts and no shirt. It would be kind of difficult to carry a larger weapon wearing shorts without it being noticed and sticking into your gut along with 90 temps. I know it is "small" BUT it is better than nothing. Beleive me, if you pulled a gun out in front of someone I think they would just run. Other than that I carry with me a TAURUS PT25 which is IWB. I also have a HiPoint 9mm, HiPoint .45 and a HiPoint 995. Couple of rifles. I'll try and post a photo of the .22LR so you can see how easy it looks when clipped IWB. The NAA and the TAURUS I carry with me All the time. Hope the photo comes out.
Oh, and as far as the ammo goes, you're better off checking out the "ammo and reloading" section here in this forum. They can give you better answers than I can (I'm still learning too).
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