American self defense institute??


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Ok i have to know is any one on here even a member of it?? What does it do? I read the site and it tells a little about it but not much. Do they just send out news letters with tips in it? Whats does your 50 dollars a year BUY you? I sent them a e-mail about a week ago and nothing back. So are they even still a company? Please only post if you are e member of it or know about it.

I will be going into more detail as they are a sponsor and I'm trying to help them out. The main thing they do is provide you with legal representation for 72 hours after a self defense incident, not just firearm related. Call is kind of an AAA for the gun community.

And again, I'll be posting about them in a lot more detail this week as I finish going through some of their material.
Lets see more it sounds like you might of hit a good nerve here Luke. Wheres my snook dinner.:girl_wacko:
American Self-Defense Institute

I don't know anythinga bout this outfit, but if it sponsors this site, it has to be good. I would like to see Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Resorts sponsor this site. they train more people in gun handling than all the other shooting schools combined. they train you to a level higher than that in the military or law enforcement. I beleive they have a website at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, but they have an email addy of [email protected] Look them up. A Millionaire wants you armed and trained.
I think they already do. If you look at the vary top of the page by the usacarry there is a front sight banner. From what Luke told me the only way to get a banner on here is to pay for it by sponsoring the site.
LOL what does that have to do with any thing??:confused::confused:

"wuzfuz" stated that the referenced business sponsors this site so it HAS TO be good. As you may be aware, "Armed" sponsors the site as well. Following the logic of "wuzfuz", I figured that he would say that the "Licensed to Carry Armed" decal "has to be" good as well. Being that it's so "good", I figured he'd own at least one. These decals have been discussed in a couple of threads. I wouldn't use one for it's intended purpose, though I do have some creative ideas. :wink:


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