Amend/Repeal Class III Ban - A Stepping Stone To Total Gun Confiscation

Do you support the amendment/repeal of the 1986 Class III Weapons Ban?

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Why is the NRA and Goa not pounding this into our heads. Jews PFO is on it and calls the NRA friends of the ATFE. The only thing the government has to fear from armed citizens is government coruptionnot being stooped.


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Now that the supreme court has ruled that banning an entire class of weapons is unconstitutional I think it is high time that we reminded the NRA, the GOA and SAF about their broken promises in this regard...

Please review the first post in this thread to see how this 11th hour back door infringement occurred...

take action...

and vote in the poll at the original post if you have not already...



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Wait a day and there wil B PLENTY 2 have everywhere!

Civil law fails, what AR/NG's we have stateside R quickly dropped by snipers sporting M1's to Baretts's. Move B 4 the 'nasty' gets into your hood & find a place to lay low, I mean stealth, with your survival gear, and shooters, and some trusted armed M8's who R good at 1,000 meter one-shot kills. Amerca is full of recreational hunters! B-come one with a thick dense forest or find a cave. Then just go out recce when the shootng stops @ night and U will find every full auto-shooter in the inventory on every dead ex-owner, plus oodles of ammo, grenades, mines, gas-masks, U name it all for free! Original owners won't B needing them anymore, U sure will be. So why wait for laws to change or if they do go spend thousands on an MP-5, M60, SAW, M16, M203's or whatever U want, when there will be plenty around after the SHTF. From loaclized civil unrest to nationwide organized revolt. Logical thinking in a post lawful world/U.S./States where a weapon that shoots 600rpm is a friend not a trophy. Untll then one good shot with an old bolt-action Lee-Enfield .303 in a good cammo-ed spot (overwatch) can do as much damage in a well planned ambush as a patrol of armed goons all bunched up and walking down an open road at high noon, shooting full-auto at shadows or decoys or until their mags run out. 1 by 1 they drop c/o single kill-shots out of the lethal range of most M16's and all pistols. 5 like minded shooters, 5 spotters, 3-5 to keep command + control ='s a hunter-killer platoon of militia, with decent hunting rifles have (and still do in places like Columbia) taken out an entire infantry Bn of tired conscripts or tired volunteers, or sent the surviors running away in disorganized panic. Ask any good 60 y/o VC retired warrior w/ a few notches on his AK-47!, or a 20 y/o muj sniper/spotter 2-man team today in B-Dad, not like they will stick around to chat. They use Mech, U use LAW's 'n Dagons or TOW's to counter, they use air, U pop-smoke, di-di and resuface when you find some SAM kit or M2's. If we ever become the innocent targets/victims of those who get paid to protect us (cops or military), AND if we have commited no crimes, we cail this the right of self-defence, something like a bunch of gosh-darn very troublesome colonist rebels did around 1770. Still a touchy subject not fully covered in most British history books I ever read :)

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Titles are un-American.
It is a God-given right, or if you don't believe in God, then it's our right by virtue of being human. No one in their right mind can deny the right of self-defense to any living being, much less a human being. Even housecats will fight back if cornered by a grizzly bear.

In any case, the type of weapons banned are rarely used in actual crimes, and the people that own them are usually really tight about keeping them away from those that might misuse them. I fail to see the potential problem here with respect to public safety.


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Although class III weapons are legal her in Michigan, who can afford one, and a repeal of the 86 bill would help bring the price of them down sufficiently that you could buy a nice NIB full auto in 9 for a couple of K or less and not the oft heavly used for a significantly higher number that they are now.


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Although class III weapons are legal her in Michigan, who can afford one, and a repeal of the 86 bill would help bring the price of them down sufficiently that you could buy a nice NIB full auto in 9 for a couple of K or less and not the oft heavily used for a significantly higher number that they are now.

Yes, good point, New M-16/M-4 Full-Auto - two thousand or less, post May 19th, 1986...
Used M-16/M-4 Pre-Ban, Pre May 19th, 1986 Twenty thousand...


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Class 3 refers to Special Occupational Tax (SOT).

There are no Class 3 firearms.

Title 1 = non-NFA firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns)
Title 2 = NFA firearms (AOW, SBR, SBS, MG)

A Type 08-FFL Class 1 SOT allows you to import NFA firearms.
A Type 07-FFL Class 2 SOT allows you to manufacture NFA firearms.
A Type 01-FFL Class 3 SOT allows you to deal in NFA firearms.

Common mistake is to refer to Title 2 NFA firearms as Class 3, because you have to go to a Type 01-FFL Class 3 SOT dealer in order to buy a Title 2 NFA firearm.


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Take the poll, read the entire thread, if you have not done so already and take suggested actions...

if we do nothing, we can only say we did nothing...


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I'm not saying that what you're proposing is a bad idea! But honestly, both the correct way and the only realistic way the NFA ban will be overturned is by a Supreme Court decision stating that it's unconstitutional. Amending unconstitutional laws is a shady business, because to some extent it lends them credibility.

We need to vote in a president who will nominate Supreme Court justices who will rule to uphold the constitution against all usurpers and overturn the NFA. That's Ron Paul. Thompson will fail to do this, he's too compromised.

Or better yet, wouldn't it be better if we could elect a president who would have the guts to sign an executive order to that effect? Sure, the antis would cry foul, but so? At least the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens would be that much closer to being fully restored.


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Getting the entire NFA repealed by congress/president or ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS, would be something very difficult to get accomplished in one swoop...

Although, getting some of the more offensive parts repealed/amended, ruled unconstitutional would not...

Two that we have a very good chance of making headway on is one; the $200.00 Tax Stamp on all NFA Firearms, as it violates the commerce clause of the constitution...
The Part of the FOPA of 1986 that Bans civilian ownership of fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19th, 1986 can be remedied in one of three ways...

1. Executive Order of the President
2. Ruling by the Supreme Court, which has partially been done already in Rock Island Armory v.s. U.S.
3. Congress amending/repealing said 11th hour amendment of the FOPA of 1986.

Of the three Congress amending/repealing said part the FOPA of 1986 is the fastest and easiest route...

We have gained much ground on this as the SCOTUS ruled in Parker-Heller that the ban of an entire class of weapons was unconstitutional...

In the ancient Miller ruling the SCOTUS ruled that if said weapon in question was in common use by the military and national guard that it could not be banned or otherwise considered an illegal weapon...

If we get Barack Hussein Obama in the White House we are doomed as all branches of the government will have a uber-liberal, ultra left wing, nut-job democrat majority, and most certainly the 2-3 Supreme Court Justices that will be appointed in the next 4-8 years will be anti-constructionists whom will seek to make law and change the constitution rather then uphold it...
Take notice that the last three SCOTUS decisions have been 5-4 and only one of them in our favor...

We also need to pay ATTENTION to who is running for Governor, and State and U.S. Congressional seats, city and other municipality positions such as sheriff's, Mayors, City Councilmen, do five minutes of research on the canidates that are running in your locality; THINK BEFORE YOU INK OR PUNCH CHADS OR WHAT HAVE YOU... AND DON'T STAY HOME FOR ANY ELECTION; THAT IS THE SAME AS VOTING FOR THE ANTIS...

If you re-read the original post of this thread we must make our current representatives in congress, etc., aware that the 11th hour amendment to the FOPA of 1986 was egregious and a clear constitutional infringement...

Moreover, we must hold Wayne LaPierre accountable for his miserably failed broken promise to America and the NRA... And remind him of it continuously ...

In addition, to the actions I mentioned in the original post; I suggest that we start writing letters to all the gun, sporting and outdoors magazines, as you would be amazed at how many people, including elected officials and FELLOW GUN OWNERS are not familiar with the shenanigans behind the 11th hour amendment to the FOPA of 1986
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Amend/Repeal FOPA 1986

Although, I applaud Congress for finally getting off their
bureaucratic keister's and taking action against second amendment
I have found some serious concerns with the House of Representatives
current proposed second amendment related legislation...

Link Removed

The NRA apparently did not take the time to read it very throughly,
like the FOPA of 1986 it looks good if you skim over it; but it allows
D.C. to ban weapons that are currently not banned at the federal
level, including those still remaining legal after the egregious
second amendment infringement passage of the FOPA containing the 11th hour
amendment banning machine guns manufactured after May 19th, 1986 by
Civilians including those whom already have licensed machine guns as
collectors and for other lawful purposes...

Firearms Owners' Protection Act
(McClure-Volkmer Act) - Public Law 99-308
Amended the Gun Control Act of 1968 to repeal some of the sillier
provisions of that enactment, including the ban on transportation of
one's own firearms to another state (which had been a hassle
particularly for hunters), the record keeping requirement on the sale
of ammunition (which generated enormous quantities of useless paper),
the ban on interstate sales of long guns (which, then as now, are
infrequently used in crime); and limited the surprise inspections of
licensed gun dealers' premises to just once a year. It also made it a
federal offense, whether a Federally licensed firearms dealer or not,
to transfer or sell a gun to any individual who is prohibited by the
GCA '68 from owning guns, such as a felon. In a peculiar procedural
move, the House-passed version of this NRA-backed legislation
contained a ban on the possession and transfer of new machineguns by
civilians, which became effective when President Reagan signed the Act
into law, May 19, 1986. Machineguns, which were manufactured prior to
that date, are regulated under the National Firearms Act, but those
manufactured after the ban cannot be sold even to civilians who are
already licensed to own machineguns.
The Senate approved the machinegun ban language of the House bill
without a roll call vote, though their original bill did not include
the ban amendment added in the House and sponsored by U.S. Rep.
William J. Hughes (D - N.J.). (The parliamentary shenanigans
surrounding this are quite strange, and are found in Congressional
Record v.132 p.H1751 and p.S5358.) Essentially, at what was literally
the last minute, the acting chairman of the Committee of the Whole in
the then-Democrat-run
House, New York congressman Charles Rangell, declared in a simple
voice vote that Rep. Hughes' "poison pill" amendment had been adopted,
and that the "ayes" had it. This ban has later been found
unconstitutional in the case of_U.S. v. Rock Island Armory_(Federal
Supplement, v.773 p.117) but the decision was not appealed to the
Supreme Court.

I seriously doubt Ronald Reagan would have signed the FOPA of 1986 if
he had known about this last minute liberal underhandedness...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be

Without this amendment, all others are meaningless. This amendment is
a guarantee to the people of the United States of America that the
right to keep and bear arms can not, shall not, nor will not be
infringed upon.

To infringe upon - by definition - is the attempt to limit the right of:

* legal or moral entitlement to do - or refrain from doing - some thing;
* legal or moral entitlement to obtain - or refrain from obtaining -
an action, thing or recognition in civil society. In the Second
Amendment, the entitlement is the right to the action(s) of keeping
and bearing a thing called arms by the people.

What this means is, the people, who in times of need may form a
militia, have the inalienable right to keep and bear arms without fear
of such right being vacated. In order to be an effective militia - an
integral part of a free society - the people should be armed in equal
or greater proportion than any potential threat - foreign or domestic
- and trained to use such armament. Additionally, the un-infringed
right of the people to keep and bear arms is the most powerful
deterrent to tyranny.

What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" does Congress not understand?

This looks like a good opportunity for the pro-second amendment community to get some decades
long infringements repealed/amended such as the FOPA of 1986


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So who has written their representatives, and the NRA, GOA, SAF, gun magazines, et. al. on this issue since I posted it?

If we do nothing, we can only say we did nothing...


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This thread is just a reminder of what we have to look forward to, by non-action and a non-PROACTIVE approach to the coming Black Tuesday January, 20th, 2009 and the subsequent eminent gun and ammo bans... by our failure to take action...

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