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Hello all, my wife and I are shopping for her first carry gun and need some advice. She's one of those annoying people who is primarily left handed, but will work with either. I have actually seen her writing different things with each hand at the same time!!!

Anyway, we are looking for a carry gun that she can use with either hand, or a lefty gun. We checked out the S&W compact .40, but we are looking to compare with others. Thanks for the help

1911 with an Ambi Safety, manufacturer of your choice.
Glock 21SF is ambidextrous. It's a tad on the large side, about the same as a 1911. If you're considering something like large, take a look at one. Some of the smaller Glocks may be ambidextrous. I only know about the 21SF because I have one. Glocks have no manual safety or decocker, so an ambidextrous mag release is all that's needed.
Sig P250 is ambi (with swap of the Mag release lever, only need a paper clip to do it) and available in 4 calibers and subcompact to full size. I love my compact 9mm.
Thanks for the suggestions!! Keep them comming. She picked up a Glock, racked the slide with the most authority I'd seen since we started shopping, and promptly said Yuk. No Glocks for her, unfortunately.
I think a 1911 will be a bit large, but worth checking out. We'll definately check out Sig P250.
Does the 1911 have an ambi slide release?

I carry a Kimber ultra CDP and it has and ambi thumb safety. I'm a righty but practice shooting lefty also and love the pistol.

As far as the slide release just teach her to sling shot the slide. I personally feel it's easier and quicker then trying to work the slide release.
have her pick up a baby eagle. I love the grip on that and so does my wife. it is so comfortable. also the safety is ambidexstrous. comes in 9mm, .40, and .45 with full size, semi-compact and compact models. the gun looks very nice too.
I am left handed and basically all guns can be easily used by lefties. My carry weapon is a Taurus 24/7 DUO. Its all just a small learning curve to be quick and accurate with any weapon
I'm a lefty, although due to the miracle of dry practice I can now shoot equally well with my right hand. I don't have any problems with pistols designed for right handed people unless the safety is only on the left. The magazine release isn't a big issue because it's just as easy to hit it with my index finger on the left as it is with my thumb on the right. I do swap it over if it's an option though. The position of the slide stop doesn't matter either, it just takes a different technique to lock the slide back.

I carry a Sig P229 and I've swapped the mag release over to the right side.

I like the XDm's because they have an ambidextrous mag release.

My Taurus 1911 has a ambidextrous thumb safety.

I would have to agree with the above post about the Sig P250. It appears to be truly ambidextrous.
Thanks for the suggestions!!!
This is my wife's first gun. She has shot before, but always with borrowed weapons. She's actually a better shot than me, and most of the other people I know, natural talent does have its place. I have convinvced her to try 45s and 40s, I know she's OK with a 9mm, I want her to figure out what she is most comfortable with, and I'm not going to argue :). She really wants a left handed slide release, even though I have explained she really won't need it outside of practicing dry in the gun store. So, left haded safeties, slide releases and magazine releases it is. I am looking aroud to see if anyone has the HK or Sig in stock. I'll let everyone know what we end up with. THanks!!
I have the same issue. Ruger, H+K, Sig, S+W 642 is very popular works for everybody if you don't mind a wheel gun. they only weigh 15 oz. just keep on looking on there web sites for models that will work for both.
Sig P250 is ambi (with swap of the Mag release lever, only need a paper clip to do it) and available in 4 calibers and subcompact to full size. I love my compact 9mm.

Very nice looking Sig, have been looking at some of there models lately. is the slide release ambi also i didn't see where they were saying it is on there website. have you had your compact for awhile.

Thanks DJ58
Yes the P250 has an ambi slide release. It is DAO so there is no sofety to deal with, it only goes bang when you pull the trigger. As I said I love my 9mm, and am looking to get the .40 conversion soon and use that as my c arry weapon. I can practice with the cheaper 9mm ammo and have the exact same trigger pull in a .40. I've onlly had mine for about two months and have put about 200 rounds through it. NO problems. Check out for more references from owners. There are guys on there with over 1000 rounds through theirs and no problems.

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Thanks for replying back, I have been looking at the sig's lately and am impressed. being left handed my option's are limited, on somethings after awhile you just get used to dealing with it. as for the start of this post the 642 smith's are very popular for the lady's, right or left handed will work fine.

Thanks DJ58
My Springfild XDm 9mm has no safety, the mag release is on both sides. The grip back plate is replaceable (with three choices) to accomadate hand size. Standard match barrel, very smooth and accurate.
Well, after several shopping trips and yesterday's gun show, and several hundred weapons held and played with, she seem to have settled on th S&W MP9c. Any pros and cons to this gun?
Do I have to worry about her shooting herself when she holsters it? I haven't worked with a double action only gun without manual safeties, so I am concerned of an accidental trigger pull for a novice...........

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