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pardon my french but **** the law

I don't care what the law says... If there's a chance that my life is in danger I'm going to do whatever I can to protect my own self, my friends, family, and those who cannot defend themselves... Take it as you will...

Your brain is your most important weapon... Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding conflict is step one...

Improvised weapons and fighting fair... Remember your not in a martial arts ring with a referee, your in a real life situation where you are being attacked with a possibility of your life coming to an end... Kicking the groin, finger the eyes, striking the throat, throwing sand dirt rocks, using a pool stick... Anything around you and anything you can do is fair game...

When your somewhere and unarmed look around you and ask yourself if your under attack right now, what weapons are around you that you can use and what's the quickest way out to your exit...

Non handgun weapon suggestions: pepper spray, kabar tdi, lanyard with keys on the end for swinging, car key between your fingers striking eyes rib cage throat, ladies high heels being rammed into the topnof a foot hurts, belt with a big buckle, flashlights with impact heads

It don't matter whether you have a gun, knife impact improvise weapon or your unarmed, you need to train and know how to use it... Muscular tendon and arterial strikes are idea... Carotid artery windpipe ear drum, finger the eyes, ridge under the noise, knife slashes to the tricep, inner elbow, back of the knee can make your attackers limbs immobile...

You what you have, no what's around you, know what you can improvise, and know how to use it


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Sue the City Of New York. You'll probably loose but it'll still send a minor message. Or like someone said, leave the city and never come back. Who's to say next time you'll be a white outlining on the sidewalk. I love the food n view of nyc but I love my safety and life more so I never go there unless I'm with 6+ ppl.

Yeah, couldn't there be a civil rights violation case here. Now that the Heller and Mcdonald dscisions have established that the second amendment is an individual right, couldn't a sharp lawyer argue that a locality by depriving you of the ability to carry in that location has violated your civil rights?

No one would argue that if they sent the police to stop you from peacefully protesting government corruption in a public square that the city would have violated your 1st amendment rights. In both cases they would be intervening to unlawfully restrict your individual rights. The only difference I see between this case and your situation is 2nd vs 1st amendment. I agree though that it would be a tough road.

Liberals would be appalled that the civil rights movement "has been co-opted to defend gun owners" but that would just be a bonus :sarcastic:.


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I'm in NY now and also have a FL CWP! I say screw the liberal NY laws..I carry mace and a neck knife all the time! I'm not going to be a victim if I can help it!


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The German family that lost a son to thugs in a crowded subway never got anything changed. The system made a mockery of the gent who killed four robbers on the subway a few yrs back. He is still alive and the crooks are dead. That is my way of thinking things should be--even if you have to serve time.


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Although I'm in no position to second guess anyone, what makes you stay in a crap-hole like NY?


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I work on a college campus where every manner of weapon is frowned upon, including pepper spray and knives, I carry a tactical pen. The one I have is the S&W M&P model, but there are many manufacturers and models to choose from. They're allowed most everywhere, and are better than fighting empty handed.


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Although I'm in no position to second guess anyone, what makes you stay in a crap-hole like NY?

I have always disliked NYC...but I received an amazing job offer with the only down side of needing to be within the vicinity of NYC. So my choices were NJ, NY, or CT...CT was the least troublesome... But I still can not carry into the city of course.

Fortunately, as soon as a position within my new company opened in Boston, I jumped all over it and the trasfer has been granted. I will be there by the end of the year. I hear it can be tough to get a permit there, but I have an Uncle on the force and he has assured me I will have no issues.


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A TAC pen is nice but even a regular ink pen will work.
If you're worried about the a plastic pen holding up in an attack, purchase from your local office store a package of 2 Zebra F-301. This pen is mostly Stainless Steel and its only around $5 for 2

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