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Just taking a moment to wish all of my comrades in Arms Past and Present a Happy Veterans Day...and to remember those who didn't make it home. God Bless

Thank You for your service.. TO all that have served and that are serving.. (7 Years Coast Guard Reserve)


U.S. Army 1979 to 1982, (67N) Below is the signature I use on all emails I send out. .......

A prayer for all those who have served and given an oath to God to give their lives for this great Country. ...And a moment of silence for all those who gave their full measure....

I wish all Vets and Current Military Service Members a relaxing, stress-free, enjoyable Veterans Day with friends and family. May God bless you all, and this great country in the coming years.
Happy Veteran's Day to all vets. Sincerest hopes that you're all well and prospering. I'm proud to have shared a small part of the job with you all. Wish I could have done more. Maybe in my next life.

Applebee's thanks veterans

Thank you, and you're very welcome. It was hubby's and my pleasure. Link Removed Other places in my local area are giving half prices or free breakfasts. Gonna be a good week for eating well for us.
Absolutely. Heartfelt thanks to all vets past and present for your service and sacrifice. I will remember you in my prayers.
To those who have , and are still serving......... thank you for keeping this nation safe.

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