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Got my holster yesterday. Seems pretty comfortable. XDM40 3.8 compact. Can't beat it for price and quality


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how rough is the leather on the back of the holster? I've been buying Old Faithful Holsters and like them, but the first week with a new holster can be rough, pun not intended, due to the rough finish of the back of the leather. For under $30, Alien gear is an interesting alternative.


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I've wear one every day with my Glock 19. Comfortable and well worth the money. Guns rides securely with no hint of popping out, even when I run, which is not very far at one time, but enough to know it won't come out. Excellent warranty, and if you buy a different gun, they will send you a different kydex portion for your new gun for a reduced amount so you don't have to buy a whole new holster. That's putting the customer's needs first. They get my vote hands down!


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Still on back order toled 4to 5 weeks when ordering it going on week 6 when order it web sight said 14 days know they have removed it how long did it take some ou you to get yours from them reviews are outstandying hate what iv got know


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After two weeks I emailed AG customer service and received a reply with apologies stating the reason for the delay in delivery of my order. They were very helpful and I at least knew when they were shooting to deliver!


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There is an explosion of CCW permits and as such, a high demand for holsters. The Alien Gear holster is very similar in design to the Crossbreed holster, but about 1/3 the price. I imagine they are swamped with orders. I had to call on mine as well when I ordered back in October. It also took loonger than I expected. Patience, though hard when you are wanting to carry, but don't have a rig to use, is cetainly necessary. The quality and performance of this holster is certainly worth the wait. Hang in there!


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I like Alien Gear, but I prefer Kholster. Both are comfortable and priced similarly, but the Kholster just seems to fit the gun a little better.


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Just ordered an AlienGear, plus two additional shells to give me options. The tipping point was talking to another member of the club about the Thursday night leagues, and the need for a Kydex holster to participate. I'll try the game with three different firearms across three different weeks to see which works best for me. Then I'll still rotate through the options to work on my own skills. This is not about "winning" (high scores) but more about improving my abilities. I'll post back when everything arrives.


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I ordered one for my old Makarov. It took a little over four weeks for it to arrive. The Alien fit the gun and me like a glove. It will be well worth the wait.

On another post about car mounted holsters. I got to thinking about ordering just the shell with the spacers for my makarov and mounting it on the side of the console or under the steering column to keep the weapon handy while driving.

Any other thoughts about this idea??


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My son just bought one. He hasn't said anything about the rough leather, but did tell me he found out that Alien Gear and Old Faithful are owned by the same people, so they're probably VERY similar.


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Just got my Alien Gear IWB for my Sig P938 yesterday. Took 5 weeks, but it was worth the wait. Hard to beat for the money.


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My AlienGear holster, two extra shells, and t-shirt arrived yesterday.

First impression - I thought I'd have to buy new trousers and belt a size larger to fit this holster. The leather is pretty stiff, and it seems to take up a bit more room in the waistband than any other IWB I've tried.

After having it on all afternoon I've tightened up the belt two notches as the holster broke in to my 4:00 carry position. I was working in the garage all afternoon, so a lot of twisting, bending, and stretching. Next challenge is to wear it to the range. Bending to pick up brass about 200 times is a good test of any holster for retention and comfort.

Out of the box the Nate-Squared tactical (non-kydex) is far more comfortable.

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