AL may issue?


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Was just looking at the map to see if WI was updated and noticed AL is may issue? is that new? I never noticed that.

Not only is it a May Issue state, but there is no state wide standard. By law, it is left up to the county sheriff to set the requirements, fees, etc ... In reality, it is treated as Shall Issue in every county I've ever heard of. Fees are cheap ($15-20) and requirements are low (NCIC background check, checking of local references, ...). No fingerprints, stool samples, cheek swabs, or other invasive procedures needed. The bad news is that we have to renew every year and it must be done through the local sheriff- not the state- and if you move to a different county, you have to get a new permit from that county. The good news is that you can normally walk in, pay your $20 and walk out with your renewed permit (I renewed in Lee County in February in less than 20 minutes- including having my picture taken and waiting in line). The local wait for an initial permit is about 1 business week and they send you a nice reminder by the mail at the first of the month and you can renew by mail if you wish.

Personally, I like it just the way it is handled. I feel it keeps the state government out of what I think needs to be handled at the local level to begin with. Ironically, both the NRA and HCI gives Alabama pretty good scores on the issue. HCI likes the fact that it's not Shall Issue and the NRA likes the way it's handled in real life.






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I have no major issues with how AL handles it's CCP process. I can remember when my dad first got his permit (about 40+ yrs ago) and the process was about the same except for the background check and the fact that the Sheriff actually came to our house to write up the permit. Can't get house calls anymore. I would not mind seeing some consistency across the state instead of each Sheriff making their own provisions. I also would not mind seeing a training class to qualify.
I certainly understand your point 05. Things work fine as they are. Just saying that I personally know of several people with CCP that I'm not sure if I would be more worried about getting intentially shot by the bad guy or being collateral damage from those carriers. Unfortunately, I'm must say that a couple of them are family. I've tried to work with them but they just don't see the need to practice.
I find the entire issue to be misconstrued. May issue, shall issue, doesn't matter... they're all discretionary issue. Nearly every state has some provision for denying a CCW to certain people.
I've looked at a few months of PM's but don't see where you were warned being banned.
According to USACarry maps, there are five states that only honor resident permits: CO, FL, MI, NH and SC.

Of the "common" nonresidential permits, Arizona, Utah, Florida, and New Hampshire are accepted by Alabama. My New Hampshire permit will keep me legal when I travel though Alabama this year, as my Pennsylvania permit won't help me there.

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