Airsoft legal to shoot in most cities?


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I realize that every city will have their own rules but generally speaking is it legal to shoot a CO2 airsoft gun in cities. I'm asking because I have probably shot 3,000 of the biodegradable bbs at a target set up in my backyard over the last 2 weeks. I make sure my neighbors are not outside then I pull out the targets and go at it. It is a ball but I'm just wondering if it is a problem. I asked a cop and he said firing any kind of gun in the city is illegal, which I think means he doesn't have clue. I mean seriously, any gun?? Lot of kids with cap guns and squirt guns are in for a rude awakening. I have my targets set up in front of a shed and behind the shed is a 7 foot synthetic fence. I practice at 5,7 and 10 meters.


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CO2 pistols and rifles in .177 and .22 are legal in most cities here. The high powered air rifles and pistols are also legal.
I have a CO2 pistol in .22 I used for muskrats at the lake propery, and a varmit rifle with scope, light, and lazer for problem things like chipmunks, snakes, etc.

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