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I just read an article regarding the Arkansas Game & Fish Com. allowing more CW carry. It looks like some headway is being made, but the exceptions were very hazy.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission voted Thursday to allow hunters with concealed carry licenses to possess concealed handguns in situations when possessing firearms is otherwise prohibited.

Specifically, the new regulation will allow concealed handguns on wildlife management areas and AGFC-owned lakes, said Doyle Shook, chief of the AGFC’s wildlife management division. It also will allow concealed handguns to be carried by licensees during archery deer season, muzzleloader deer season and archery turkey season. Currently, hunters cannot possess centerfire weapons of any kind during those seasons.

Exceptions include situations in which federal, state or local law prohibits possession of a concealed handgun, Shook said. Also, private landowners can prohibit possession of concealed handguns on their property.

“These exceptions give some leeway and privilege to landowners who want to prohibit possession of concealed weapons on their property,” Shook said. “Concealed carry license holders also have to make that [information ] immediately known to a wildlife officer.” If a concealed carry licensee accumulates 18 points for wildlife violations involving a firearm, the AGFC will notify the Arkansas State Police, resulting in the revocation of that person’s concealed carry permit, Shook said. The state police also will deny a concealed carry license to an applicant who has accumulated 18 points for wildlife code violations involving firearms.

I think I would contact them for clarification before carrying in their area, but it sure looks like congratulations are in order.

I pulled this off their site listed below:

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12-07 It shall be unlawful to possess a loaded firearm in any camping area on any wildlife management area,
special use area, wildlife demonstration area or in any fishing or boating access area. (Ref: Section 01.00-C,
Loaded Firearms).


(1) Holders of a valid state-issued concealed handgun license recognized and honored by the State of Arkansas
in accordance with Arkansas Code Title 5, Chapter 73, Subchapter 3, may possess the handgun covered by
the license, except in places where otherwise prohibited under federal, state or local law or where disallowed
by a landowner in accordance with applicable law. Nothing in this exception is intended to supersede or limit
the regulations of any federal, state or local authorities that prohibit the possession of concealed handguns
on their property, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Forest Service, the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service.

PENALTY: $100.00 to $1,000.00.
I just found the following on the Arkansas Concealed Carry Assn.'s web site.
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SUCCESS! After eight months of negotiations with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the Arkansas State Police, ARCCA is very pleased to announce another victory for concealed handgun licensees. On December 20th, 2007, the AG&FC voted to allow the following privileges for all concealed carriers:

1. May carry your concealed handgun during any hunting season (archery, muzzleloader, rifle, deer, turkey, dove, etc.)

2. May carry your concealed handgun on any WMA that is not restricted by federal law

3. The threshold for revocation or denial of a CHL has been raised from "any violation involving the use of a weapon", to the accumulation of at least 18 violation points that must have occurred due to violations involving a hunting instrument (rifle, muzzleloader, etc.). It takes a severe violation such as poaching to reach this threshold...having an extra dove over your limit will not result in your license being revoked. These changes take effect on January 20th, 2008.

The AG&FC will require that you carry your license at all times and immediately present your CHL if stopped by a Game & Fish officer.

Many thanks to Executive Director, Grant Exton and former commissioner of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and current ARCCA Board of Advisor member, Mike Freeze. Without their exhaustive efforts, this success could have never been realized.

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