Afraid Of 2nd Amendment Vote - Majority Pulls Housing Legislation

For those who believe politicians are afraid to support anti legislation, or vote against pro legislation. This may be an underhanded way of doing it, but it still occurs.

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Thanks Ronwill.... It is indeed a bunch of corrupt politicians we have in office. It never ceases to amaze me that our elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents, but yet vote, (or not), as THEY feel appropriate.


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yes it's always a case of say what you need to say to get elected, then do what you want to do once you are elected.

The Gunny

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Why am I not surprised that none of the major media news networks are reporting this? Oh that's right because it goes against their perception of reality. Too bad, this would be an excellent opportunity for our side to point out how ridiculous and hippocritical they are.


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The puppets we have in office work on the agenda of the international bankers and others that are really pulling their strings. They do not care what is right or what the citizens want.


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I agree with you all and during a election year it just proves that they do not know or care what the people want just accomplishing there own agenda.


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That's a good little story.Dissapointing,and yet,nit surprising.
I just sent the following message to four local news agencies.Who knows if it will make any difference.But it made me feel better.

"Show this on the 5 o'clock news.In fact,show it during the whole day,so everybody can see it.A couple of times.Restore my faith in your ability to report real news."

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