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Have been carrying my Beretta PX4 Storm .40 for the last year or so. Great gun, absolutely reliable, fits like a glove. Matter of fact, it was the fit that made me choose it, since it was about the only thing that fit into my bear paws.

That said, it's too flippin' big to carry in the summer, and nothing in a single stack fits my hand - rapid draw aim is compromised. I've been looking for an XD subcompact, but back order seems to be the rule. Beretta can't seem to get the PX4 subcompact out in 40 cal. Any other thick grip recommendations, preferably with 10 round magzines (or grip entender)?


S&W M&P40c. I have big hands and the compact M&P fits me good. It also comes with 3 different backstraps to help customize the fit.
Why is the PX4 too big for summer carry? Go with an IWB for a full size and cover with a T shirt is completely possible. I do it all year long here in Florida. You might also consider a 'deep carry' rig. There are a couple of manufacturers of some very comfortable 'crotch hanger' deep cover carries. A lot cheaper than another pistol. Check out CrossBreed. One of the advertisers on this site.
i carry a xd- subcompact .40 here in texas... i just use a crossbreed supertuck and a baggy t-shirt and it covers fine. i Do wish however to get a smaller gun here at some point for when its REALLY hot so i can just throw into a pocket....

check online like at buds gun they have good prices and choices and should have a few to chose from.

good luck!

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