Advice on becoming a peace officer?


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With the falling recruit numbers, police departments around the country are dropping the requirements for applicants. I have never thought about the subject until reading of the reduced requirements. Having no college under my belt, this sparked my interest.

Previously I tried to enlist in the core and was immediately rejected due to lack of credit hours. Not really wanting to enlist in the army I gave up and turned to my flying hobby, and acquired my A&P (Airframe&Powerplant license). Now working at Midlothian Regional Airport as a flight engineer and mechanic, I've realized this company is no long term solution. I don't know any one on the force to ask questions, and have no idea of what the academies are looking for.

I got my G.E.D around 17 and helped my father run his business for years; I’ve worked on every thing from cars to race cars to planes, helicopters, and jets.
I am an Eagle Scout and have worked at high adventure mountain climbing and hiking camps teaching every thing from first aid to survival classes. I'm a jack of all trades so to speak. And all my friends and family say if the world was ending I'd be the one they'd want around. But as I said I only have a G.E.D and no college. Any advice on what to expect or if I would be anything the academy is looking for from officers or knowledgeable persons would be helpful. Thanks ,Mike

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the police department and check their fitness requirements and surpass themm. and talk to them about sponsoring you. some will, most won't. nothing aganst you personally, but the police require you to at least have a diploma.

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