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I am going to be traveling up to Ohio this summer. I would like to take my little 17 shot friend with me! What should I do to prepair for carrying in another state?

If you pass through S.C. then you have to unload it and stick it in your trunk. Otherwise all other states you would go through reciprocate. I don't see where you would have a problem.

Just make sure you leave you OC and any other non-firearms at home. Just in case one state is concealed firearm only.
I am not worried about the states I pass through as much as difference in the laws in Ohio when I get there. And I have to ask whats OC?
Check out the Link Removed for info but they recognize your FL permit so you'll be able to carry.

OC is the same thing as pepper spray. OC = Oleoresin Capsicum

I'll get this added to the Link Removed.
Whatever you do, stay the heck out of NJ! Police here are very hostile towards gun owners, especially non-resident ones. Permits from other states will NOT be recognized.
Luke. That Ohio page link you gave is a great one! It answers all my questions... Is there links like that to all the States??:unsure:
Just remember that when you get to Ohio, you are no longer subject to Florida law. That means that as long as you're in a vehicle, whether you're the driver or a passenger, you'll have to conform to Ohio's car carry law, which requires you to either have your sidearm holstered on your person, or locked away or in some kind of container with a lid or zipper opening, if it is not on your person.
When are you going up to Ohio? What part? I'm heading up to visit my dad just outside of Cleveland in acouple weeks. Have a safe trip.

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