Advanced CCW Class with Force on Force training- Colorado


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This course is designed for those who carry a firearm every day, all the time. After a brief review of fundamentals and shooter diagnostics, you immediately work into multiple shots and targets, malfunctions, reloads, turns, movement, barricades, shooting positions, and drills. After lunch, the training intensifies with scenario based training using UTM™ (UTM Worldwide) converted firearms and ammunition. Based upon the FBI’s Street Survival program for field agents, the stress inoculation lab will test not only your firearm mechanics, but your decision making process under fire! You will be presented with shoot/no-shoot scenarios against role players and other students to expose you to the actual stresses of a gunfight. This stress inoculation is the same style of training recommended by Lt. Col. (ret) Dave Grossman, author or On Killing and On Combat.
***UTM™ munitions are designed to induce a level of realism into the training environment. They HURT when you get hit! Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) necessary will be provided for the training, however understand that the induction of stress (getting hit) is essential for the stress inoculation lab and development of the survival mindset. ***

Equipment Needed:
Handgun (.380 or larger)
Holster for handgun/belt. No crossdraw, shoulder, ankle, or fanny packs allowed due to safety concerns.
At least 2 spare magazines (or speedloaders) for your firearm
450 rounds of ammunition
Concealment clothing (Jacket/windbreaker, vest, loose shirt, etc…)
Hearing and Eye Protection (wraparound)
Brimmed hat recommended
Cleaning kit
No less than 2 liters of water
Groin protection for males
Long sleeve shirt and pants for stress inoculation (thick coats or armor not allowed)
Comfortable shoes (no open toe shoes or sandals)
Appropriate weather gear (rain jacket, sunscreen, lip balm, etc…)

Must have a current CCW or a certificate of completion from a handgun training course (hunters education does not fulfill the requirements).

$300 per student

Next class is Friday, September 3rd from 8 am - 5 pm at Pawnee Sportsman's Center (Home Page). For more information or to register, please go to ColoCCW - Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

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