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So I have one of these
Link Removed for quick access to weapons under my bed. The unit seems well made and has a few thoughtful features(low battery light, and the ability to keep a 9volt battery around to touch to the electrodes and operated the keypad if the battery ran out). I wanted to change the combo and was looking for the website when I found this video
For those who don't want to watch the video, it shows a guy repeatedly opening the safe by striking it pretty lightly on the side, against a carpet.

I picked up my safe to the height my 4 year old daughter could then dropped it. It opened.
I've subsequently retired that safe and have secured my guns in other ways.

I wrote a letter to the company expressing my concern and received no reply for over 2 weeks.

Just thought you all should know that this is a dangerous item. I guess it'd be fine if bolted somewhere(havent wrapped it on the side with a mallet to check that theory though)

If that is true it defeats the purpose of haveing a safe. Perhaps it should be called the UNSAFE.
Bear in mind the purpose of this lockbox isn't to prevent theft of guns. THe sole purpose for me is to allow me instant bedside access to a defensive handgun while keeping my 4 year old's hands off of it.
Good idea to keep it bed side and no access for the kids, I have a couple of Friends that have safes next to there bed's will have to check and see what brand thy have, good heads up.
I posted this on another forun and thought maybe I would post it here also.

After I got my safe, I "tried" to make sure it was locked when we left the house. I admit there was a time or two that even tho the door was shut, it was not locked. So I came up with a "unlocked flag" system.. I took an old green t-shirt I had, cut a strip out of it and tacked it to the inside of the door.
Link Removed

Now when I unlock the safe, I just throw the "flag" over the top. I and then shut the door and with a twist of the bolt, I can have access as it is unlocked. Also, when leaving the house, a quick glance will tell me if it's locked or not. Granted it doesn't hurt to physically check it, but in this household, no one but me messes with the safe so I am 99% sure that if the green flag is not showing, the safe is locked.
Link Removed
Thanks Sar--you may want to post that info on some of the gun forums to let others know.
Drlewall--That's a good idea. When I'm home I just keep mine a number away from open on the dial. But the brain just doesn't always remember stuff as good as it used to. Your method could come in real handy.Thanks
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