Add one to the "Stupidest Inventions" list!


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Ferst of awl Claire I thunk yu need two get spel chick sew u can make an intelligent post.:hang3:


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Not another CCW badge thread

You know I first thought that this was a CCW badge thread, now I see that someone has finally come up with an even sillier invention than CCW badges.


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I could store my unloaded weapon in one location, and store a full mag of real ammo in another location and be just as safe as your safety bullet. Having it stored in a strategic location I could get the mag, get the weapon and load it in the same amount of time it would take to go through your 2 safety bullets and I wouldn’t have to worry about making as much noise or getting myself shot because I jammed my own gun while the intruder got the drop on me.

I think this safety bullet is great for the person that has no common since, but then maybe they shouldn’t even have the gun in the first place. In reality, if a person is not responsible or smart enough to be able to prevent such an accident, then they shouldn’t have the gun in the first place.

All this devise does is give the irresponsible person a false since of responsibility.

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I really think you are all over reacting to this great and timely invention. I would get some but I'm saving up for a new buggy whip.:sarcastic:
Not to revive an old thread, but I see that they're now selling the device on Ebay. I figured they'd be bankrupt by now, but it looks like there are a lot of suckers out there that for whatever reason have been purchasing the device.


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This has got to be one of the dumbest things marketed to the gun community. :n: Shouldn't we be securing our firearms rather than leaving them lying around for a "kid" or "intruder" to find? I like the "second" level of security where they guy recommends having a "safety bullet" chambered and one at the top of the magazine. I'd figure that if an unauthorized person (proper term rather than "kid" or "intruder") were strong enough to cycle the action once, they'd be able to do it a second, third, etc. time. :confused3:

I sent "Mike" an email voicing my strong opinion against his product. I encourage others to do the same. I forsee this device as an excuse for a bundle of future "Negligent Discharges", not to mention the product liability lawsuits. :eek:


I decided to find out what your post was talking about and went to the website you provided. I read everything on the site and watched the videos. This has got to be one the most asinine products I have ever seen. Let's say the unauthorized person racks the slide.... guess what the "safety bullet" is extracted and the gun is now hot. So what did the safety bullet actually do?

Let's look at a more alarming problem. A BG breaks into my home... I grab my firearm... I shoot... OH CRAP... my gun is jammed up with this expanded bullet stuck in the muzzle. I have to find the dowel rod and punch that safety bullet out. Do you think I'm dead yet? Every training class for defensive carry I have been to has told me to keep a live round in the chamber... to NOT rack the slide prior to shooting since this will eliminate one of your potentially needed rounds. If this is my training, then the "safety bullet" is going to put a lot of good guys in jeopardy when they really need their firearm. In a moment of crisis, one does not rise to the occasion, but one resorts to his/her training.

Horrible product!!!


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IMHO just a guy trying to get rich. Its not practical and id be more worried about damaging my barrel with that device. My gun is either on my person or in my safe never anywhere else

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