Action I took on Castle Bill SB 928 / HB 1131

Below is the action I took. Please feel to add to this list. The first email was sent to the House Judiciary Committee and then I email it to the House Leadership.

Here is the email:

As NC House Leadership/Speaker: I am asking for your FULL support for Senate Bill 928 / HB 1131. This is the same email I have sent to the Judiciary Committee where this bill is being held.

This is a good bill!

How to tell if the Bill is a good Bill: Using the wise and common sense method Ben Franklin provided, one can get a quick and clear answer. First you list the entire positives and then you list the entire negatives. Your decision is based on the longer list. Makes great common sense!!!

#1. It makes good sense! Period. Why should a criminal intruder have more rights than I....a law abiding, tax paying homeowner have?

#2. It benefits me...the law abiding, tax paying homeowner. I can defend my family without having to worry about some criminal or the criminal's family suing me for protecting my family while in my home or any other place where I have a right to be.

I prefer to have immunity from criminal prosecution.
After an investigation where the police must find probable cause that I used unlawful force, I will not have to fear that I would be dragged away to jail.

I prefer to have immunity from civil prosecution. Why should I first have to protect my family from some criminal or the criminal's family only to turn around and lose everything in a civil suit? I am minding my own business working and paying taxes just like most other law abiding North Carolina citizens.

#3. It reinforces my right to use deadly force without a duty to retreat.
Do not misunderstand....I would retreat if a safe retreat were possible. But that choice should be on my side not the intruder's side. It was the intruder who decided to invade my home and threaten my loved ones. It is not my desire to take life, BUT if it is the choice I must make... then so be it.

#4. It provides my right to "stand my ground", and not have to constantly look for a way to retreat. Personally I am always checking my surroundings so as to be able to avoid a bad situation and I teach others to do the same. Because I have no way of knowing what the future holds, I believe so the best thing to do is to get the law on the law abiding tax payers side BEFORE it is needed.

#5. It includes carjackings....the House specifically lists vehicles...this is GREAT. I prefer laws that provide clear language.

#6. It benefits the court system. There would be LESS court cases when the criminal intruder has no rights to sue me for protecting my law abiding family while in my home.

With immunity from criminal prosecution ...there would be less court cases. Fewer court personnel needed. Saves tax money as building bigger buildings would not be needed. SAVE $$$$$$

With immunity from civil prosecution...there would be less court cases. Fewer court personnel needed. Saves tax money as building bigger buildings would not be needed. SAVE $$$$$

#7. It benefits North Carolina. It sends a strong message to criminals that we are not going to let you (the criminal) or your blood sucking family benefit from your criminal behavior in the great state of North Carolina.

#8. The law does not provide protection for persons that are engaged in unlawful activities at the time of the deadly encounter. The house improved this to read "forcible felonies". I totally agree. The laws are to protect the wonderful law abiding citizens of North Carolina.

#9. The law does not provide protection for persons that provoked the confrontations. This is good and correct. I totally agree.

#10. The law even has a domestic violence exception. This is good ...

#11. The law requires NO Budget increase! As a law abiding tax payer this is great. SAVES $$$$$$$.

#12. It PASSED the Senate!

Now as Ben Franklin would also list ALL the negatives:

#1 I can not think of one negative thing to list against Senate Bill 928/ HB 1131.

In summary, using Ben Franklin's method I list 12 positive and 1 negative. Given this as the positive is the longer list and therefore your decision should be to vote YES on Senate Bill 928/ HB 1131.

I do have a concern....elected persons are to serve the people ...that includes me!

Elected persons are not elected to PLAY Games with my life or any other NC citizens.
This bill is needed to help protect me and other wonderful law abiding NC citizens.

Playing the practice of "killing bills" by never letting them be heard is unacceptable. What if I get sued in civil court of law...because of our elected officials played GAMES with a law that could have protected me. Question: Do the citizens of North Carolina have the right to sue our elected officials for failure to perform their elected pass GOOD laws that benefit the law abiding citizens of NC.

I would appreciate hearing from you but please do not send me the "thanks for your email". If you are having a problem passing a GOOD me the problem so I can help understand your concerns.

Note: I will be posting this email to various internet forums so other concerned NC citizens may voice their views and contact you. I am sure there are more items that others will decide that need to be added to this list, which I encourage...positive or negative.

Peggy Elrod
Certified Instructor

(Website address was placed here)

Enclosed the emails for the North Carolina Judiciary Committee

Chairman: Rep. Deborah Ross [email protected]
Vice Chairman: Rep. Melanie Goodwin [email protected]
Vice Chairman: Rep. Paul Stam [email protected]
Rep. Martha Alexander [email protected]
Rep. John Blust [email protected]
Rep. Angela Bryant [email protected]
Rep. Larry Hall [email protected]
Rep. Pricey Harrison [email protected]
Rep. Dan Ingle [email protected]
Rep. Verla Insko [email protected]
Rep. Grier Martin [email protected]
Rep. Annie Mobley [email protected]
Rep. Wil Neumann [email protected]
Rep. Sarah Stevens [email protected]
Rep. Roger West [email protected]

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I meet with Debra Ross last week. We had a cordial meeting. She is unapproachable on this issue. She does not care how many emails, letters, calls she gets. This is a personal issue and she is not interested in how the public feels on this issue. To get this bill out of her committee I see several options. Recall her from office, a move I understand is already underway in the southern part of her district. Get the other members of the committee identified as party to holding up this bill and approach them to talk Debra into moving this out of committee. Find and support another candidate for the next election.
If interested email me for more
The best thing to do is get her voted out of office if possible. She could hold up another important issue.

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