Action Alert: Anti-Gun Bully Attacks Pro-Gun Legislator On House Bill 503!


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Bryan Miller, is an Anti-Gun political candidate challenging Pro-Gun House member Carl Domino in House District 83. Miller, an ANTI-GUN BULLY, is urging his anti-gun followers to send emails to Representative Domino chastising him for supporting the "Guns-Locked-In-Your-Car/Self-Defense" legislation. Representative Domino is a solid Pro-Gun incumbent who has always voted to uphold your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Bryan Miller is a gun-banner. He wants to ban legally owned firearms that are legally possessed from being transported for lawful purposes, inside your personal private vehicle. That not only is violation of your right to keep and bear arms, but a blatant violation of your God-given and constitutionally protected right to defend yourself and your family.

Below is an email sent by anti-gun candidate Bryan Miller.
Please read it and then send an email to Bryan Miller telling him your right of self-defense must be protected no matter where you park your car. Let him know that we don't need anymore anti-gun legislators, like him, trying to violate our rights.

Bryan Miller
[email protected]
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From: Vote Bryan Miller
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 2:34 PM
Subject: Guns to Work

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Guns to Work

The name says it all.

Carl Domino just voted for one of the most outrageous bills ever to come out of Tallahassee. The Guns To Work law forces businesses to let employees keep guns in their cars during work hours. This is one of the most dangerous, extreme laws ever to be passed in the history of this state. Guns To Work not only is a threat to public safety, but it infringes on the private property rights of businesses who don’t want their companies to become the place of workplace shoot-outs. That is why the bill was opposed not only by public safety advocates and many law enforcement officials, but by nearly every major business group in the state.

Send a message today to Carl Domino that we sent him to Tallahassee to fix a struggling economy, improve education, and protect our environment - not to endanger the safety of our citizens, and make Florida a punch-line yet again for bad government.

Bryan Miller for State Representative
P. O. Box 1731
Jupiter, FL 33468

Send the message today that Guns To Work is an idea whose time has NOT come.

Thank you for everything you have done,
Bryan Miller

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bryan Miller, Democrat, for State Representative, District 83.

CONTACT Bryan Miller today. Let him know if he doesn't want to own a firearm or doesn't want protect himself or exercise responsibility for the safety of his family -- that's HIS right. Tell him to stop trying to bully honest citizens and Legislators who stand up for Freedom and fight to protect HIS right to protect himself and his family, whether he chooses to or not.

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