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I have been around firearms for awhile. I always try and check my ammo for defects. Sometimes I have slacked. Never again !!! I found this by mistake, but am glad I did. I have never run across a defect yet, and assume they are common enough, but rare in nature. I just thought I would give you all something to ponder, especially seeing as we rely on these lil items, ya know?

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I hope that link goes thru. I had to go thru my picasa web albums. I cannot figure how to just pull it from my desktop, if that is even possible.

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Call me an idiot, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at. I'm just assuming that the notch in the casing is what you're pointing out?
No, you arent an idiot...... well, you may be, but I am not calling you one at least. - lol

Yes, the notch on the casing as far as I have been raised to understand should not be there. I may be considered the idiot for assuming everyone knew what I was pointing out.
I always do a quick visual when I am loading my mags up. Wouldn't catch something small, but this defect is quite obvious
Very interesting to be sure.
Don't know if that one would cause a problem, but I would not want to be the one to find out.
With the price of Gold Dots you should get a refund.:D
As many times as I load and unload my carry ammo I hope I would notice.
Thanks for posting this now I'll take a closer look.
I have had several rounds that were shortened by bullet pushed in too far.
Noticed this when loading the mag, lots of extra space in front:(
One of the distinguished 1st WW fighter pilots closely examined his ammunition (Eddie Rickenbacker IIRC) before loading up the gun(s) on his plane. The other pilots thought he was wasting his time but he experienced less malfunctions than those who didn't.
A couple of years ago I ordered a couple of boxes of Federal JHPs for my .41 mag. 3 rounds in one box were loaded backwards. I called federal. They had me send them the rounds. They sent me another full box.
Follow Up

Here is a reply from the company after speaking with them on the phone today. All they needed was a digital photo so she could pass it along to the proper people. I will say that they do have wonderful customer service.

Mr. Nobilio

Thanks... The first email came through just fine. The defect does appear to me to have originated from a bent or dented shellcase mouth. When the bullet was seated the heel of the bullet pulled and ripped the shellcase mouth creating the defect. I will get your photos to our manufacturing area fro their opinion and to help prevent a recurrence of the problem.

We are currently out of stock on part # 23975, Speer 45 Auto 230gr. Short Barrel ammo. However, I did locate a '50 count box' of standard Speer 45 Auto 230gr. Gold Dot Hollow Point ammunition that I can ship tomorrow.

Would that be acceptable to you? Linda

Linda Olin
CCI/Speer Technical Services
2299 Snake River Ave.
Lewiston, ID 83501

A couple of years ago I ordered a couple of boxes of Federal JHPs for my .41 mag. 3 rounds in one box were loaded backwards. I called federal. They had me send them the rounds. They sent me another full box.

backwards?!?! lol- you coulda just used them as fwc for practice. lol ;)
Thanks for the post. I am somewhat suprised by this being GOld Dot ammo. I know quality control can only go so far though. I would not have been suprised if it was the Remington UMC hp I have my 45 loaded with. I will certainly pay a little more attention now. Thanks again. It was nice to see such good customer service.
She even sent a follw-up email thanking me for bringing this to thier attention, and to further thier QC. Not bad, I am impressed, especially nowdays.
Special Ammo

Apparently what you got is a special ammo called crenulated ammo--think of the top of a castle wall it's very special--just like my brother Mike, Mom always said he was special. It'd be interesting to know if the factory actually test fired that round.

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