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Friend loaned me his M92, good shooting gun, but we were wondering if the barrel should move ,wiggle,not very much but still it loose to me when slide if forward? I brought to his attn. he asked guy were he purchsed gun. they told him it was a floating barrel? Any help would be nice.

I have a Beretta Vertec which is the same basic gun as the M9 and the barrel on mine does not move at all when the slide is forward with a round in the chamber.
to my knowledge and experience with m9/m92/m ninety-two variants, it should not move at all... my buddy has one and it's rock solid... which poses the question, was this gun bought new or used???
Is it not Accurate ? My beretta 92 fs ( M9 ) was a police trade-in so it had some use but almost no movement from the barrel when the slide is down. I hate to change the subject but I have a problem with my barrel also.I reload to keep cost down but my beretta wont shoot cast bullets with any accuracy ,and my bullets are also keyholing bad . which of course affects accuracy a great deal. I dont know if the barrel is worn, or is it shallow rifling for the police ( Mostly FMJ ) . does anybody know of an aftermarket barrel that is reasonably priced ?SIZE] Thanks :yu:
No there shouldn't be play with the barrel when the slide is closed. With the slide locked back there is a little bit of play.
The M9 is NOT a quality weapon. After a few thousand rounds you will see some play. If you have the military grade, it is far inferior to the civilain model. THe military model of the M9 has some slack in both the slide and barrell.
I was an armorer in the army and I now am a gunsmith, i have messed with plenty of m9's the material used in the slide and frame are very low quality. i would see these brand new military m9's degrade significantly in about 1000 rounds. after another thousand i was replacing parts left and right and not like it was one part on all of them it was different in all of them. the barrel is the one thing consistant with all of them. The part of the slide where the barrel locks into when the slide is home wears away from the return to home. creating a gap. i have check with a caliper and this gap is quite noticable. it wont blow up but the more you shoot the less accuracy you will get also you begin to get feed problems.

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