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I apologize in advance to anyone who might take exception to this post, but I have to pass it along. The body of the post says it all, written by the President of the NJCSD (www.njcsd.org) so I don't need to repeat it. One exception I'd note, and he and I spoke about this: While a direct donation to Bold, Brave, Courageous is tax-deductible, a donaion to B, B, C through the NJCSD is not. If that's an issue for you and you still would like to donate, please do it through their own website. Here is the post...
Dear NJCSD Members,

Please forgive this intrusion, but I wanted to ask for everyone's help to support a very, very worthy charity.

No, not ours for a change. ;-)

Last night at a Masonic lodge fundraising dinner, I had an opportunity to meet John Clemente, the founder of Bold, Brave, Courageous. This organization is one that provides comfort to returning wounded soldiers. I can't tell you how heart-rending some of the stories are, and how enormously important the work of this charity is.

Here is a description of what they do from their website:

"Established in December 2004, Bold Brave Courageous was originally conceived as a one-time fundraising effort in response to the request of various Military web sites collecting items of comfort such as clothing, backpacks, and toiletries for our returning wounded..."


Suffice to say, many of these wounded are SEVERELY disabled. Bold, Brave, Courageous offers comfort to these valiant men and women by providing "care bags" of various personal items like toiletries, CD players and audio books, to ease their transition from the battlefield by helping to make their time in hospital more passable while they recover from some very traumatic and horrible injuries. These are not the garden variety Jon Kerry type "injuries", but as severe and devastating as you can imagine.

I know NJCSD members support our troops. Regretfully, not everyone shares our view. When various companies were approached by Bold, Brave, Courageous to donate supplies and materials, the charity has been snubbed. For example, a request was made of a certain large candy manufacturer to donate product to the charity. Candy is extremely important to burn victims, because the body consumes incredible amounts of calories when reconstructing skin. The request B,B,C made of this candy company has not been acknowledged and they have yet to receive a donation.

Suffice to say, I was incredulous. While the executives of this particular candy company bask in the light of the freedoms they enjoy, raking in 6++ figure incomes, none of their "gee-whiz" rocket-scientist marketing personnel could find it in their hearts to make a simple donation for fear of political correctness. Or worse, maybe these cold-hearted bastards just don't care, as long as they can make their BMW payments. Color me pissed.

Anyway, I digress. During our conversation last night, I passed an NJCSD business card to John, and said to him "While they're fighting there, we're fighting here. Let me see what I can do to help."

So here comes my "pitch" to you.

I'm confident the NJCSD membership will be up to the task and rise to the occasion. I know that you all truly in our hearts and minds support these incredibly brave men and women who have sacrificed so much, but ask so little. Won't you please take a moment to donate AT LEAST $10 via the PayPal link we've created below? I'll keep this open until next Monday the 24th.

With a very special holiday right around the corner; with a mind to a belief in charity, goodwill and kindness to all, it's a small and simple thing to do. But at least as important as the bag are the note cards that go along with them. John told me that the one thing almost every man and woman asked is that they just be remembered to us. Nothing means more to these men and women than to know that their sacrifice has not been in vain.

Alternately, or in addition, if you know of any company that makes a product that is a personal consumable, and can put us in contact with them, please let me know by Emailing me at: [email protected] so that we can request a donation. Anything can help. Food. Toiletries. Entertainment products.

Please, please, please help us help them?



Robert Kreisler


Thank you.

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