A warning about Sales and Marketing at Trijicon


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I purchased a set of night sights for my Beretta 9000s in April 2009. I had them installed by a reputable gunsmith who is a Trijicon dealer.

As to how the sights worked, I have nothing but praise. My accuracy improved, especially after I had a Hogue Handall grip installed. When the front sight went dark, the sights were fixed per warranty with no issues.

The problem was that the sights - especially the front - would just fly off. The reason turned out to be that the model indicated on the web sites did not fit the slide tightly, and glue was used to attach the sights. This was not made clear on the web site when purchased.

Eventually, the front and rear sights got lost completely, and I had to purchase a new gun, a Beretta PX4 Compact. Looking to get Trijicon sights for this weapon, I again went to the Trijicon website, and saw that sights were available for this model. Being cautious, I contacted Beretta, and Beretta indicated that it did not matter what the Trijicon web site said, there were no Trijicon sights that would fit correctly the PX4 Compact. Beretta indicated that the necessary technical information had been provided, but Trijicon had not notified them that sights were available that would fit correctly.

I want to make it clear that this is not a technical issue - I repeat I want to buy sights that fit for my PX4 Compact, but this is a sales and marketing fiasco. I contacted via the Trijicon website with my concerns about the erroneous information two weeks ago, but the response silence has been deafening.

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